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Glamming up, Strictly style

Fresh from the Strictly Come Dancing tour bus, makeup artist Heather B shares some tips to inject a bit of dancefloor sparkle into your look.


Calling all Strictly Come Dancing fans. Have you been getting your glitterball fix with The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief? If not you can catch the last episode on BBC1 at 9pm tonight (March 11). You’ll see six utterly deserving people from around the UK who were chosen from thousands of applicants to have their very own Strictly experience.

Not only have they been matched with professional dancers from the show, they’ve also (of course) had a signature sparkly makeover proving once and for all that there’s always room for sprinkling a little Strictly glam into our look. It’s not necessarily a look that suits the school/corner shop/Greggs run, I grant you, but you know what I mean.

“But they had the Strictly Glam Team to help!” I hear you cry. Well it’s time to take a leaf out of their book.

Who cares if we haven’t shifted the post Christmas excess yet (sob) and Easter eggs are rolling towards us at speed? It’s time to fake it till you make it, sister!

So sit back, relax and let the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour Glam Squad inspire you with some beauty glitz and glamour to get you quick-stepping towards your own People’s Strictly on your next big night out.

It’s all about the eyes

Create a glittery smokey eye that’s flattering on everyone with two vital products: Mac Paint Pot in Constructivist and Mac Glitter Pigment in Reflects Antique Gold.

“Who doesn’t love a bit of Constructivist and Antique Gold?” says make-up artist Frances Owen, who swears by the blendability of the paint pot and the ‘pop’ of the glitter pigment. “I used this on pro dancer Karen Hauer and Strictly winner Rachel Stevens too.” Here’s how she did it:

Firstly, apply Constructivist from your lash line up and into the socket before winging it out slightly at the outer corners. Then, before the paint dries, press Antique Gold Glitter on top to create an a-ma-zing Strictly sparkle.

To finish off apply a slick of Mac Chromaline in Black Black  for an intense lash line and add Eylure 121 Lashes. For a more dramatic look try Eylure 202 Lashes: a firm favourite of ALL the Strictly tour dancers.

Inject some ‘Va-Va Voom’ into your barnet.

“Volume, volume, volume,” says hairstylist Mitch Lumsden. That’s what it’s all about. To achieve great volume with a professional finish you need the right products and tools for the job. Mitch recommends Kent Brushes: “I can’t do without them! They are the best brushes for backcombing.”

Here’s how you follow Mitch’s simple steps to volume:

Mist some Unite Boosta Spray onto clean dry hair all the way from the roots to the tips, spraying from a slight distance to ensure it’s evenly distributed. Blast the hair until it’s nearly dry, then use the Kent Ceramic Brush to finish drying your hair in sections. Make sure you lift and smooth the hair as you go.

Once the hair is fully dry hold sections of the hair taut (away from the head) and backcomb at the roots using the Kent Dressing Out Brush. Finally style as desired and finish off with Unite Texturiza Spray.

Clip in some glamour!

Have you wondered how the Strictly stars go from style to style and short to long without a hair out of place? One trick is strategically placed hairpieces says Tracey Jones, head of hair and makeup for the Strictly Tour: “Hair on Strictly needs to be big, hold its style well and stay in place while being thrown around the dance floor,” she says. “One way to do this is by using hair pieces to create your style.”

Tracey recommends Beauty Works hair: “You can buy actual clip in styles and then just finish it off with your own hair.”

Hairstylist David Fletcher (aka Fletch) suggests clipping in some bling: “If your hair’s a bit lifeless and you can’t get it to do what you want; the easiest way to bring a bit of Strictly into your life is to add some sparkle with hair accessories. When it comes to accessorising, hair is always overlooked and it’s the easiest way to glam up.”

Fletch recommends trying Bella Brilla for all things bling.

Luscious Lips

It was all about the lips for me on tour so here are a few back stage lip tips for you to try.

Firstly, don’t be afraid of colour as applying red lipstick is the quickest way to look glam. Mac Lady Danger is a favourite of Caroline Flack. You can also try using a lip liner to change the shape and size of your lips by slightly exaggerating your natural lip line, then fill in the edges of your lips with the pencil. Finally, use a lighter lipstick on the inner edge of the lips and blend that into the liner to create a two-tone effect that will make the lips appear fuller.

Try Bourjois Lip Liner in Alerte Rose and Bourjois Lipstick in Fraise Remix as used for Joanne Clifton’s ‘Little Mermaid’ look. Feeling daring? Pat some Mac Reflects Gold Pigment onto the centre of your lips to really stand out.

Add a glam outfit et voila! It’s a 10 from Len!

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Written by Heather B

A make-up artist, all round creative consultant and friend. Whoever said ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ was clearly not a master multi-tasking woman. Made in Yorkshire tha knows, resides in London Town. @HeatherBmakeup