Written by Mickey Noonan

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Editor’s letter – Welcome!


Welcome to our new website. We at Standard Issue, are just a bunch of women who wanted to see what would happen if we made a magazine our way, bringing together so many brilliant writers, illustrators, voices and minds under one (website) roof. So come on in, have a poke about. And if you like us, tell your friends, sisters, aunties, mums, nans, those women you used to work with who you occasionally still get pissed with, Sandra next door, your hairdresser, and Jean. Everyone knows a Jean.

Let us know what you think via our mailbag if you like. This is a new magazine for switched on women. It’s for you.

All at Standard Issue.

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Written by Mickey Noonan

Aged five, Mickey Noonan shoved an apple pip up her nose to see what happened. Older, wiser but sadly without a nose-tree, Standard Issue's editor remains curious about the world. Likes running, jumping and static trapeze.