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Bloody disgraceful

VAT on sanitary products? Utterly baffling. What’s more, it’s brewing up some bad blood – as Cariad Lloyd explains, here, and in a brilliant spoof video she made with fellow comedian Jenny Bede.

Bad Blood screenshotIt’s not until you see the list of what isn’t charged VAT that you get pissed off. You read crocodile meat and you laugh, pitta bread – now you’re confused – men’s razors, what the…? It’s not a joke, it’s not a hilarious Buzzfeed list, it’s real and it’s bloody irritating.

In 2001 VAT on sanitary products was reduced to five per cent. I mean that’s nice, yeah, but it’s also like when you someone sits down next to you on a train. And there’s no one else on there. And then they’re sick. In your bag. It’s fine but it’s also really bloody annoying. You could have done with them just not getting on the train.

You can’t stop a period. You could take the pill, that’s true. What if you don’t want to? What if it makes you crazy and your boobs went up to a J cup and you cried so much in a lecture they pushed a Samaritans leaflet under your door? Well, it’s monthly bleeding for you. An essential thing you’ll have to deal with. It’s a Tesco Value of situations, bleeding everywhere; it’s not an M&S atmosphere, it’s not something you just love to do every month, shedding lining. It’s just what you do and you need sanitary products to help with that.

But the government has deemed these items as non-essential. Like frizz-ease for people with straight hair, Apple Maps or The Phantom Menace – apparently tampons aren’t essential. Bloody furious yet?

I am. As is Jenny Bede, so we made a spoof Taylor Swift video about it starring a bunch of brilliant comedians. We’re hoping George Osborne is a Tay-Tay fan, so maybe he’ll listen now – because he sure as hell isn’t listening to the thousands of women that have already signed this petition.


Cariad Lloyd is at the Edinburgh Fringe
Jenny Bede is also at the Edinburgh Fringe

Go see them.



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Written by Cariad Lloyd

Cariad is a comedian, actor, improviser and writer. Her dream is to one day pay off her student loan and to finally find the perfect concealer. @ladycariad