Written by Claire Goodwin


New Year’s Eve punch-up

As we wave goodbye to 2014 and tip our hat to 2015, Standard Issue will be taking hefty gulps of Claire Goodwin’s festive tipple, which she’s christened A Punch for Del Boy.

I love a good punch. This one is a little bit of a sneaky one as it feels like you’re drinking a sort of grown up Um Bongo – then in the morning, you realise why it’s called punch. I drank a bowlful with my best friend while nattering last night. Purely in the interests of recipe testing, you understand. This morning I feel a little like I’ve been ten rounds with Mike Tyson. The lesson: this is beautiful, but beware of the booze. Make it for more than two of you to quaff and as ever… drink sensibly.

I used champagne in my punch, but you can easily swap this for a lovely dry Prosecco. I wouldn’t use a sweet sparkling wine (eg Asti) as it will be too sweet with the clementines. In terms of gin, I recommend Tanqueray or Martin Miller’s. Tanqueray for the strong juniper taste, and Martin Miller’s because its tagline is ‘romantic and adventurous’ – also it has a really clean aftertaste. To be fair, you’re putting all sorts of other stuff in this so you could just buy something cheap from the supermarket, but I believe cheap booze gives you a worse hangover, particularly if you drink irresponsibly. Which I am sometimes prone to doing.

This recipe will fill a large trifle bowl. You can reduce the quantities as you see fit. As you will see from the photo, I love a little bit of naff, and have served my punch in a coffee glass with a large Del Boy style fruit arrangement. Not only to get you into the party spirit, but to also ensure you have one of your five a day while you’re at it.

Happy New Year everyone!

A punch for Del Boy

3 kilos of clementines, juiced through a sieve unless you like bits (sounds a lot, but the juice yield isn’t huge)
30ml Elderflower Cordial (I like Belvoir)
300ml (six doubles) gin. You can adjust this according to taste and potency (see method).
3 limes, juiced through a sieve
½ to one full bottle of champers or Prosecco, chilled
Clementine and lime slices
Ice to serve is optional. Personally, I don’t like to water it down, so chill all the ingredients first.

Pour the clementine juice, lime juice and elderflower cordial into a bowl and mix thoroughly.
Add gin. Don’t put it all in to start; you may want to use a little less according to your own personal preference.
Put half your bottle of fizz in and taste. Add more fizz and gin according to preference. If you want a weaker punch, make up some elderflower cordial with sparkling water as a substitute for some of the fizz – it tastes just as lovely.
Scatter in your raspberries and slices of clementine and lime.
Do some dancing.

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Written by Claire Goodwin

Claire is a speech therapist, baker, cake decorator, sometime radio guest and writer. She writes about food, being fat and living with mental health problems @bake_therapist; www.baketherapy.co.uk; www.facebook.com/CakeChemistryUK