Written by Fiona Longmuir


Replay: The Great British Bake Off Live Blog: Week #3

The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens on Wednesday with a belter of a Bread Week. Fiona Longmuir kneaded to see it. And live blogged the yeasty pants off it. Relive it here.

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with a cake

Photo: BBC.

If the Great British Bake Off wasn’t pre-recorded, we’re sure Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue would be glowing from the show’s triumph in the category of Best Talent Show at this week’s TV Guide Awards. But it is, so they won’t be… although they must have known it was in the bag. Either way, we’d like to send our sugar-dusted congratulations to all involved.

Following last week’s biscuit challenges – high fives for all the gingerbread structures which stayed upright long enough for their background stories to be told – 10 contestants returned to the tent of piping dreams on Wednesday night for the very unforgiving Bread Week.

Paul put together three of the ‘toughest challenges ever’ for the occasion. One involved an oven-less bake. What an absolute bastard that sounded.

Anyway, we were delighted to have Bake Off fan Fiona Longmuir sitting in the live blogging chair for Standard Issue. If you’re watching on iPlayer, why not replay Fiona’s blog too? It’s the icing on top of the… bread?

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Written by Fiona Longmuir

Fiona Longmuir is a professional storyteller, reluctant adult and aspiring funny girl. When not getting naked in tube stations and binge-watching inappropriate TV shows, she can be found scribbling at the Escapologist's Daughter.