Written by Alison Carr


Replay: The Great British Bake Off Live Blog #6: Botanical Week

Week six of Bake Off and the bakers were taking on a challenge never before seen in the tent of piping dreams. Alison Carr was beside herself to see how Botanical Week unfolded. She live blogged the lot.


Picture credit: BBC

We’re more than half way through the BBC’s final series of Bake Off. It’s all becoming frighteningly real isn’t it?

Still, stiff upper meringues and all that. Week six saw new ground being broken in the tent as the remaining bakers embraced the challenges of GBBO’s first Botanical Week.

‘Three challenges inspired by nature’ is what they took on, being encouraged to reach for anything that grows to give their bakes maximum botanical taste.

Sharp citrus flavours and perfect peaks, a leafy technical challenge and a three-tiered showstopper offering the series’ ‘biggest challenge so far’ were on the menu.

Massive Bake Off fan, Alison Carr (who also loves the bones of Mel and Sue, by the way) surveyed all the flavoursome action. Relive it all here. And if you’re watching on catch up, even better.

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Written by Alison Carr

Alison is a playwright and would-be tap dancer. She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne.