Written by Elaine Malcolmson


Eat Here, Love: Paesano, Glasgow

In our continuing series trumpeting the loveliness of places where we love to scoff when we’re out of the house, Elaine Malcolmson offers a glowing reference for a Glasgow pizzeria with a special eye for detail.

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: Elaine Malcolmson

I recommend you Eat Here, Love: Paesano

Address: 94 Miller Street, Glasgow G1 1DT

Is it a restaurant, cafe, bistro, takeaway, drive thru, chippy, roadside van or motorway services? This is an easygoing restaurant that serves pizza with more attention to detail than you can imagine.

What kind of food do they serve? Pizza. The best pizza, with the best ingredients, for example, pancetta from Trieste, salami from Tuscany, mozzarella from Campania, extra virgin olive oil from Abruzzo.

pizzasPaint us a picture. Paesano sets out to be industrial but somehow it is also rustic. There are canteen-style shared tables as well as those for twos and fours. You’d think with all the Italian-sourced ingredients and their smells coming out of the open kitchen it’d feel like you were in Naples. However, the relaxed vibe and general hipness can also take you to SoHo, New York.

What’s the scoffing soundtrack you’ll hear, here? Last time I visited I heard The Stone Roses, The Clash, Elton John and U2. So something for everyone, if you like guitars and pianos. The music is in the buzz and bustle background noise of the place though.

Who might you expect to see here? Currently everyone; there are often queues outside. Big groups of students, families with children, couples, friends, me.

How are you being served? The service has always been friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Also patient, because although the decisions to be made are limited to pizza, it is still possible to find yourself in an overexcited tiz.

What are your top three dishes on the menu? What they do is pizza and they do it bloody well. That’s all you really need to know. However, you should also note the presence of Tart of the Day.

When and how did you first find this place? Word of mouth. Which seems to be what’s fuelling the queues outside. The word on the street is another Paesano will be opening in the west of the city early next year. Great news for everyone but not for the variety in my diet.

Why do you love it so? Paesano is perfect for someone as indecisive as me. They’ve taken the idea of doing one thing and doing it right and made it their own. You can’t go wrong. The consideration given to the ingredients and the preparation will be evident whichever pizza you choose.

exterior shotWhat’s the best meal you’ve had here? If I had to choose one it would be: fresh Tuscan fennel sausage with tomato sugo, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil, a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and an affogato (because it was my birthday, obvs).

Mates, a soul-mate or solo? Anyone that wants to go, I’m happy to tag along.

Budget or bank balance busting? It’s around £7 for a pizza from the main menu, maybe a few pounds more for a special.


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Written by Elaine Malcolmson

Elaine Malcolmson is a comedian, writer and science communicator. Raised in Northern Ireland, lived in Wales, now resides in Glasgow – bewildering brogue.