Written by Ashley Davies


Eat Here, Love: the Lobster Shack

In our continuing series trumpeting the loveliness of places where we love to scoff when we’re out of the house, Ashley Davies bigs up an East Lothian gem.

seaside view
Name: Ashley Davies

I recommend you Eat Here: the Lobster Shack, love.

Address: North Berwick harbour, East Lothian

Is it a restaurant, cafe, bistro, takeaway, drive thru, chippy, roadside van or motorway services? It’s a love(ly) shack on a harbour in the pretty seaside town of North Berwick, half an hour on the train from Edinburgh.

What kind of food do they serve? All kinds of locally caught fresh seafood and heartbreakingly beautiful double-dipped chips. And wine and beer. Mmm.

Lobster Shack frontage
Paint us a picture? Not far from the unspoilt, golden beaches of North Berwick there’s a sheltered harbour area where the Lobster Shack sets up business between spring and summer.

The fish are cooked to order in the tiny blue-washed shack, eaten on benches surrounding the harbour.

What’s the scoffing soundtrack you’ll hear, here? The tink-tink-tink of boats in the harbour and the plaintive, yet aggressive call of seagulls.

Who might you see here? A mixture of locals and visitors from Scotland and beyond. Most of them will have just finished a satisfying beach walk and many will be accompanied by sweet, salty dogs angling for a fishy treat.

How are you being served? You pay at the hatch (cash only) and they give you a number and you find a bench. When your food’s ready they give a yelp and you go collect your cardboard box crammed with lush treats.

cooked lobster
What are your top three dishes on the menu? Because I’m a whiny old vegetarian, I can only really eat two dishes on the menu: the chips and the creamy coleslaw. The chips are out of this world. The creamy coleslaw is off-the-scale creamy.

When and how did you first find this place? Most people in Edinburgh (where I lived until recently) know this place and start to salivate like hounds when you mention it. Now I live in North Berwick, I go whenever we have visitors.

Why do you love it so? When the Lobster Shack’s open you know it’s summer. Or it’s going to be. (Or it should be because, you know, Scotland.) And eating alfresco by the sea can’t be beaten.

Mates, a soul-mate or solo? It’s a great place to bring mates or a date.

Lobster Shack menuBudget or bank balance busting? I’m assured that the lobster is amazing, but it’s not cheap (£27.95 for a whole one and £14.95 for a half). And breaded haddock and chips cost £9.95, which isn’t a bargain, but it’s really good. The chips (did I mention the chips? Did I? Did I?) are worth a visit alone and they’re £2.95.

The opening hours and times are largely affected by the weather so it’s definitely worth phoning 07910 620 480 before your visit to check.


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Written by Ashley Davies

Ashley Davies is an Edinburgh-based writer and editor and the human behind animal satire website thelabreport.co.uk.