We need to talk about… consent

In the first in a new series about sexual violence, one woman talks about the importance of getting consent. And acknowledging when someone is in no place to give it.

Mirror, mirror

Do you tell your kids they’re beautiful? Is it reinforcing the age-old social conditioning that looks matter when other traits are so much more important? Hazel Davis takes a good hard look at the dilemma.

A blonde moment

A chance hair colour remark in a cafe made our writer Cath Janes see red.

Diary of a fat lass: Making changes has changed things

Feeling crappy in head and body has prompted Janine Rudin to make some changes in her life – and make the kinds of promises to herself that are keepers. This week, she’s finding it hard to accentuate the positive.

Why I ❤️ serial killers

OK, so ‘❤️’ probably isn’t the right emoji here, but Rachel Fairburn sure has that fascination of the abomination going on. She’s not alone.

The thought of marriage… made me a feminist

Standard Issue writers are exploring when they knew they were feminist. For Sophie Scott it was the ‘traditions’ of a marriage.

“He slapped me around the head so hard I saw stars”

A quarter of women and 16 per cent of men are affected by domestic violence in their adult lives. As Friday marks the start of the 16 Days of Action campaign against domestic violence, one writer shares her story.

Widowed and Young: being a wife after death

Losing a partner when you’ve still got a lot of life in front of you leaves you grieving for the future as well as the past. Sarah Punchard, 49, lost her husband suddenly this year. This is where she’s at.

Glass Ceiling Smashers: Rude health

Scientist, entrepreneur and footballer Claire Thompson chats to Hazel Davis about how nimble footwork skills have helped her get ahead in business.

Living with a teenage stranger

Claire Handrick has misjudged the challenges of being the mother of a teenager and has decided to chronicle the joys, frustrations, hair-pulling moments and deep-rooted fears she’s experiencing. This week, she’s sick of being sick of the mess.