Letter to my hometown: Benoni – Son Of My Sorrow

Standard Issue writers are penning a letter to their hometown. In hers, comedian Urzila Carlson reflects on a childhood of rabbits, lakes and sun-kissed rebellion.

What’s in store in 2015?

No-one knows what the year ahead holds for any of us (well maybe Linda Cockshott) but that’s not stopping Hannah Dunleavy having a good old-fashioned guess.

Whose Face Is It Anyway?

Though not exactly camera-shy, Naziya O’Reilly’s been wondering if she’s having an existential crisis about all the click-flash-posting that’s seemingly the norm now.

Birthday misses

It’s nothing to do with being a tightwad, but Hazel Davis explains why you’ll be waiting a long time for a birthday present from her.

Letter to my hometown: Southend, I Will Always Love You

Standard Issue writers are penning a letter to their hometown. Or, in the case of Sadie Hasler, a beautiful billet-doux.

Careful Whisper

Ever found yourself stuck in a one-way conversation? When it comes to getting a word in edgeways, says Susan Hanks, it pays to play it quiet.

Get your tits out (for the babs)

This week’s seen a full-frontal assault on breastfeeding mothers – with Nigel Farage and Jeremy Clarkson throwing their weight behind the ‘cover-up’ campaign. Exactly what, asks Rachel Extance, is the problem?

The One and Only

Why doesn’t Cal Wilson have a second child? Stop asking, would you.

Oh! You Pretty Thing

An encounter with an eight-legged terrorist leaves Laura Lexx wondering what it means to be a proper grown-up.

Liz Carr: not so silent witness

On International Day of People with Disability, Hannah Dunleavy speaks to writer, actress and funny woman Liz Carr about Silent Witness, the Right to Die and the perceived value of disabled people in the UK.