Living in Italy… made me a feminist

Standard Issue writers are exploring when they knew they were feminist. For Rachael Martin, it was a fertility campaign in her beloved Italy that made her see red.

Grey Pride

Judith Holder's been interviewing celebrities about getting older. What has she learned? That they are some Game Old Things.

Bloody rude

Prostitute murder’s hilarious, right? No, London Dungeon, it’s not. Jen Offord has a social history lesson for you.

Cathy Come Home: a story that still needs telling

Cardboard Citizens has been inviting people to step into Cathy’s shoes via an interactive stage adaptation of the hard-hitting drama about homelessness. We’re still so very far away from providing the right solutions, says performer Amy Loughton.

The Unsolved Pencil Case: Adam Buxton

Welcome to the first instalment of Joanna Neary’s adventures with people in the arts and their associated materials. Including pencil cases. This week, we meet the comedian, writer, broadcaster, actor and art school graduate, Adam Buxton.

Practice makes perfect

Happy Groundhog Day! In the film, Phil Connors spends his days perfecting his piano skills. Imagine you’ve just woken up to the strains of I Got You Babe with the prospect of an eternity to learn stuff ahead of you. What would our contributors do with their time?

“It was HER cancer”

There are no set rules when it comes to behaviour around someone you love who has cancer. Jo Caulfield shares what she learned from her sister Annie.

Dental illness

When it comes to conjuring images to go with a trip to the dentist, Jenny Morrill struggles to get past Marathon Man. But what’s a woman to do when she’s half a tooth down?

Why I ❤️ my whoppers

Boob owners, it’s time to celebrate your glorious lady orbs. And for these ace broads, the bigger, the better (and whatever perfection is be damned).

We marched for Northern Ireland

On Saturday thousands of women marched in solidarity with women in the US. Katherine O’Brien was one of them, but she was also marching for the rights of women much closer to home.