Let’s teach our kids about consent, freedom and choice

The Tories have once again voted to block reform of SRE to be LGBT+ inclusive. Daisy Leverington calls bullshit.

“Grief is not what I thought it would be”

In November, we had to say goodbye to our wonderful Annie Caulfield. Her sister Jo Caulfield talks about dealing with the grief.

Grey Pride

In her monthly column on ageing, Judith Holder has the January blues. Still, at least she's good with the refunds.

“My official resignation from slimming by committee”

New year, new you? The selling of hope is big business – and none bigger than the business of getting smaller, says Vix Leyton.

Trumpeting the good people of 2016

Good people still managed to make their magnificent marks in the shitstorm that has been 2016. Margaret Cabourn-Smith gives them a roll call.

“It is not a woman’s job to be palatable”

The Woman’s Hour ‘power list’ puts a fictional woman where there should be a real one. Sweet fancy Moses, sighs Fiona Longmuir.

Grey Pride

In her column about getting older, Judith Holder talks about Christmas party frock hell. And food. Lots and lots of food.

We need to talk about… calling it out

As part of our series on sexual violence, editor Mickey Noonan waives her anonymity and calls time on the silence around sexual assault.

We need to talk about… consent

In the first in a new series about sexual violence, one woman talks about the importance of getting consent. And acknowledging when someone is in no place to give it.

Mirror, mirror

Do you tell your kids they’re beautiful? Is it reinforcing the age-old social conditioning that looks matter when other traits are so much more important? Hazel Davis takes a good hard look at the dilemma.