Pardon me?

A Canadian school’s new women studies course is offering lessons in ‘polite conversation’ and dinner parties. Boys like dinner parties too, says Vix Leyton, and, besides, polite chit-chat sucks.

My teacher… made me a feminist

Standard Issue writers are exploring when they knew they were feminist. Nicola Ranson was top in her maths class. Not that her teacher cared.

Birth muthas

Positive birth experience? You can stick that up your episiotomy scar, says Cath Janes.

The positive birth movement

Manners and fairness about different women’s experiences are important to us at Standard Issue, so when Milli Hill asked for the right to reply, we said yes.

A euphemism a day keeps the shrink at bay

As a fairly new mum, Tania Edwards is learning to moderate her language. And recalling a few old favourites.

We need to talk about Jeremy

Corbyn’s supporters think only they can see how brilliant he is – and they’re right, says Tania Edwards.

“I haven’t finished talking to you yet”

Four months since the death of her sister Annie, Jo Caulfield is navigating situations she didn’t even realise existed.

Would I lie to you?

If Sarah Kendall’s asking that question, the answer is yes. She tells us how she learned to love playing fast and loose with the truth.

It’s not me, it’s you

A relationship which makes Harriet Dyer utterly happy to be herself has brought the succession of moronic dunderheads she previously let into her life into sharp focus.

QOTM: What never fails to cheer you up?

Maybe it’s your baby’s toothless grin. Maybe it’s the feel of crunchy snow under your feet. Or maybe it’s an unopened bag of Minstrels. What’s your ultimate pick-me-up?