Old toy syndrome

Julie Balloo once risked being trapped in a house fire to save her beloved teddies. She explains why they still mean the world to her.

Shopping and grieving

Jo Caulfield is sick to the back teeth of being asked inane questions by customer-facing staff and fairly sure Callum doesn’t want to hear about her smear test. Or her grief.

Singly wed

Lili la Scala is happily hitched. But her husband lives on the other side of the world, meaning she sallies forth alone. And has rather learned to love it.

Oh, you got my brain

Fear of handing down mental illness down to your children can stop some people having kids. But not Taylor Glenn. Here she tells us why.

Grey Pride

We're all getting older and life expectancy is rising, so why, asks Judith Holder, aren't we all in training for old age?

Why you should give a shit about… Emily Hahn

New Yorker writer, concubine, opium addict and “bad girl”. Rachael Martin looks at the extraordinary life of Emily “Mickey” Hahn.

The kindness of strangers (and pals)

It’s nice to be nice, innit? Sure is, says Juliette Burton. And it doesn’t even have to be a massive gesture for it to have a huge effect.

If I die, think only this of me

All good things come to an end, so for Plan Your Epitaph Day (yeah it’s a thing) we put some thought into how we’d like to be remembered.

More unisex kids’ clothes, please

Pink, pink and more pink. High heels for babies. Slogans that make you want to gouge your eyes out with a spoon. Justine Brooks gives the silly frills of girls’ clothes a dressing down.

How to get ahead in a man’s world

As a police and military psychologist, author Emma Kavanagh was often the only woman in the room. And yet, she persisted...