Rita Cork: agony aunt

Rita Cork likes nothing better than putting people in boxes and judging people. She’s off her tits on Tia Maria most days and is a life long hoarder. However, she’s been given this column as a favour, so will give your problems her absolute best shot. This week, a lonely lady seeks friend-making advice.


Equally well-stocked with wonders and weirdos, the local car boot sale holds no fear for intrepid bargain hunter Helen Linehan. In this episode there’s police involvement and a renovated wall.

Awesome Old Lady of the Week: Lorly McClure

Lorly McClure, MSc, BA, RGN, RM, DN, RHV, CPT, PGCEA (don’t worry, she’d never make you use her full title) is a retired lecturer and nurse and has published numerous papers in her field. The 74-year-old has tricked herself into taking a daily swim and enjoys rescuing half-finished art project from charity shops. Interview by Joanne Lau.

Maureen and the Sausages

Anne Edmonds spends her time lurking in cafes, airports, libraries, public spas (bit weird) listening for that magical drop from the eave - a few overheard words that tell you everything. These are the stories of the people you pass everyday in the street.


Bored on various interminable train journeys, Rose Biggin started making lists, taking their photo and posting them on Twitter. Then people started making list requests, which she duly wrote, photographed and posted. Now she’s part of Standard Issue and awaiting your list suggestions.