Eavesdropping: Splendour in the Grass

Anne Edmonds spends her time lurking in cafes, airports, libraries, public spas (bit weird) listening for that magical drop from the eave - a few overheard words that tell you everything. These are the stories of the people you pass everyday in the street.

The Round-Up

Amanda Wilkie trawls the internet so you don’t have to. This week she’s found a smiling owl and the worst name ever iced onto a birthday cake.

Styling it out

Sadie Hasler begins her quest for that most elusive je ne sais quoi – personal style. It doesn’t get off to what you’d call a killer start…

Being a ‘Gucci Kit’

Memories of being an army wife in another life prompted Daisy Leverington to tell a story.

10 films for your fright night, this Halloween!

Diane Spencer picks some right horrors for your Halloween viewing.

Film Review: The Babadook

Written and directed by Jennifer Kent, Australian horror film The Babadook is a welcome and terrifying antidote to modern society’s ‘yummy mummy’ depiction of motherhood, finds Bertie Bowen.

Horoscopes by Linda Cockshott

Linda Cockshott, acclaimed astrologer, medium and intuitive healer, charts your incredibly specific horoscopes for the week ahead. If you would like a more indepth forecast please call 0800-965-876 (calls cost £15 per min).

Not a stellar statement from Stella

Are we permitted to comment on the fashion industry if we don't really 'do' style? Sadie Hasler thinks so. Niggled by something Stella McCartney said, she considers the importance of words, even in an industry whose business is visual

Julia Raeside’s Digital Watch

December’s TV offerings are the perfect delicious nibbles before the Christmas feast. Telly buff Julia Raeside can’t wait to tuck in.

Editor’s letter – Welcome!

Welcome to Standard Issue. Come on in.