In praise of caterpillars

Laura Sparling has avoided the plucking hell of over-eye hair maintenance thus far, but has taken a keen interest in the eyebrow trends expressing themselves around her. She was more than happy to wax lyrically (but not literally) about what she's learned.

Glad Rags: Tropical Chancer

In the latest of a series that sees Standard Issue writers celebrate the clothes that make them happy, Brydie Lee-Kennedy introduces the dress that just keeps on giving.

Styling It Out

There’s confusion and alarm ahoy in tit city as Sadie Hasler’s quest for personal style continues. There's also some skiing. And a couple of really lovely lippies.

A Moment’s Peace: The Lamb

Making the most of time by yourself is the mission of Standard Issue’s ever-increasing list of location recommendations to go when you have a moment’s peace. This week, Rebekah Staton gives the nod to her go-to London pub

The advice is Bond. Baby Bond

Her baby may still be firmly on the inside, but that hasn’t stopped the world and her midwife telling Catie Wilkins it’s time to start the bonding process.

It’s Her Party (And She’ll Wear White Musk If She Wants To)

Remember the seething mass of hormones and embarrassment that was the school Christmas party? Sarah Millican reflects on Avon lipstick, social mobility and why not being noticed by boys didn’t matter a jot.

Glad Rags

In the latest of a series that sees Standard Issue writers celebrate the clothes that make them happy, Daisy Leverington says adiós to the shoes that summed up a decade.

Styling It Out

In her bid to find personal style, the intrepid Sadie Hasler decided to get her boyfriend Matt involved. What could possibly go wrong?

The One and Only

Why doesn’t Cal Wilson have a second child? Stop asking, would you.

Charity shopping

She’s not sure if it’s the smell, the lack of changing room, or the aggressive questioning that comes with every purchase (yes, she’s sure it will fit her, Jean), but Kiri Pritchard Mclean can’t resist a charity shop. Here’s her guide to what’s what. Take notes. And your own carrier bag.