Rated or Dated: Cooking in a Bedsitter

Standard Issue writers are revisiting a film/book/TV series to see if it’s stood the test of time. This week, Sarah Ledger finds herself draining her spuds in the communal bathroom.

Fighty, flighty, or change your nightie?

When the window blinds started to rattle, Jen Brown’s nightie was the last thing on her mind. Then it became more important to her than life itself and she can’t help wondering why.

Everything In Its Right Place

After 14 years in London, Helen Walmsley-Johnson finds that settling into a new home in the countryside involves more than retuning TVs and placating middle-aged cats.

Stay hot this winter

As the weather gets parky, fashion dictates a whole new wardrobe. Helen Walmsley-Johnson is not convinced.

How to complain effectively

Sunday is International Consumer Rights Day, so we’ve asked customer complaints expert Charlotte Dunleavy to give us the lowdown on what happens when things go wrong.

This Electric Love

What we feel when we fall in love has always been a highly-charged question, writes Julie Mayhew.

All hail the Prince of Barkness

Annual canine-fest Crufts starts today in Birmingham. What better reason for comedian Juliet Meyers to extol the virtues of dogs...and one dog in particular?

A Month In The Countryside

From barking majors to minor earthquakes, Helen Walmsley-Johnson reflects on the latest rumblings in Rutland.

Styling It Out

Not having had much luck so far in her search for personal style, Sadie Hasler decides its time for some tough talk – and some epiphannying about.

Awesome Old Lady of the Week: Ruth Posner

October 1 is International Day of Older Persons. In the first of a series, Joanne Lau talks to a really awesome old lady.