A feast of funny beasts

There’s nothing Hayley Ellis likes more than when a captivating video of animals going about their daily doings drops onto her timeline. She’s going to be sharing the best of them at Standard Issue for our unadulterated pleasure.

A Month In The Countryside

The first snow of winter brings life - and memories - into focus, finds Helen Walmsley-Johnson.

Awesome Old Lady of the Week: Kim Phong

This week’s awesome old lady is the ultra-glamorous and talented Kim Phong, a Chinese grandmother living in New York. Joanne Lau chatted to Kim on the week of her 90th birthday.

Computing on the cheap

Don’t think you can afford a byte of the apple? Think again, says Debra Jane Appleby. Think retro.

Lonely this Christmas?

For the fourth year running, Sarah Millican will be on Twitter asking those in need of company on Christmas Day to #joinin. She tells Standard Issue how it started and what it means.

Radio Ha Ha

Ever fancied writing comedy for the wireless? Give Gabby Hutchinson Crouch a Jelly Baby and she’ll tell you how.

Conventional Dress

London Comic Com opens its doors at the weekend. What better time for Gabby Hutchinson Crouch to step into the weird, wonderful and pretty expensive world of cosplay?

Making Winter

In this month’s creative survival guide, craft practitioner Emma Mitchell dispenses tips for an alternative handmade Christmas.

Ripping Yarns

Rubbish at knitting? Join the club, says lifelong rubbish knitting enthusiast Lucy Sweet.

Pre-school pomp is a load of old poop

Motherhood hasn’t come naturally to Daisy Leverington. Three years in and she remains wide-eyed, terrified and in awe of the little person she’s responsible for. Stay tuned to follow her parenthood progress.