Say Yes To The (Boring, White) Dress

What do you wear to your wedding when your guests are expecting the unexpected? Hilary Wardle found the answer in a surprisingly obvious place.

Sorry seems to be the least genuine word

Christina Martin is one more disingenuous apology away from a full breakdown. Or at the very least some seriously loud tutting.

Shit in the Garden: damsons

Not naturally green-fingered, Sarah Millican is nevertheless making the most of her outdoor space. In this episode, she’s hoping there aren’t maggots in her damson haul.

So what does a mum look like anyway?

Motherhood hasn’t come naturally to Daisy Leverington. Three years in and she remains wide-eyed, terrified and in awe of the little person she’s responsible for. Stay tuned to follow her parenthood progress.

Knitting beards for Comic Relief

From distraction cakes to copulating crotchet guinea pigs, Emma Mitchell recounts the highs and lows of launching a fund-raising craft magazine.

Glad Rags

In the latest of a series that sees Standard Issue writers celebrate the clothes that make them happy, Lou Conran reflects on the dress that makes her eggcups runneth over.

Don’t You Know That They’re Toxic?

BFFs are so passé; what you really need to look out for are TFFs – Toxic Friends Forever. Andi Osho wonders who’s to blame when friendships turn sour.

Calls of the Wild

Actress Miss L anonymously catalogues the horrors of casting calls to a huge Twitter following. Here, she tells Standard Issue about some of the worst ones she’s been to.

Styling It Out

Sadie Hasler heads to the high street in search of some sort of personal style. It makes her entertainingly grumpy. Za-ra and thanks for the memories…

Glad Rags

Our writers are celebrating the sartorial items that put a smile on their mush. Bertie Bowen is all about the piece that makes her feel relaxed in her own skin.