Save the homo vanilla gravitas

White men are* becoming extinct in the boardroom. Break out the bamboo shoots, Dotty Winters has a plan for their repopulation. *They’re not.

The light stuff

A trip to see the northern lights is a bucket list item for most Brits, so we sent Judith Holder to Lapland to see what all the fuss was about.

Letting periods out of the bag

Jessica Lambert, creator of The Flow Bag, tells Kirstie McCrum how we have the power to change how menstruation is perceived.

High flier

Jade Babbington ditched the academic route to bag her dream job as a qualified aircraft engineer with GE Aviation. In National Apprenticeship Week she tells us why she loves making things fly.

Spring fling

It’s National Spring Cleaning Week and professional declutterer Katherine Blackler shares some of her tips for getting your house shit together.

It’s your party and I’ll cry if I want to

Parties have always been Dotty Winters’ kryptonite but this time she’s fighting back.

Hey! Teachers! I’ll leave my kids at home

Hazel Davis and her fella are home-educating their kids. This week, let’s talk about sex, baby. (And relationships.)

Good things in small packages

Karen Williams, founder of Buddy Bag Foundation, tells us what a difference a bag can make.

The art of revolution

Russia may not be sure how to mark 100 years since its revolution, but the Royal Academy is, with a new exhibition. Maureen Younger went along for a look.

Glass Ceiling Smashers: Hip, hip HR

Susy Roberts is founder and managing director of people development consultancy Hunter Roberts. She talks career switching and being a butterfly mind with Hazel Davis.