Turning Portuguese? Running up that hill

In her regular column, Sarah Hendrickx shares with us what it’s like living part-time in Portugal. This month, scarred Achilles tendon be damned, she’s training for a half marathon.

Ads for women explained

White jeans + pink accessories + blue periods = patronising as fuck adverts aimed at women. Emma Doran investigates.

Why is everything so bloody urgent?

Hey you, yes you, what’s the rush? Are you Usain Bolt? Are you a cheetah? Well, then slow the hell down, says Natalie Trice.

Bust a move

Justine Brooks has moved house about 30 times in her life (so far). It means she’s become a bit of an expert. She shares some tips.

Motherhood: Read the fucking placard!

Motherhood hasn’t come naturally to Daisy Leverington. Five years in and she remains wide-eyed, terrified and in awe of the little person she’s responsible for. This week, she reports back from the frontline of a Twitter shitstorm.

Paws for thought

The clock’s ticking for Roo Green and her husband and it’s making her a bit melon collie.

A Brew With Lou: First Dates

Did you watch First Dates Hotel last night? That excellent broad with the Helen Daniels bob is our very own Lou Conran, who spills the beans on very public romance.

Glass ceiling smashers: A wheely big adventure

Gift shop entrepreneur Nadia Flanagan couldn’t afford shop premises so, no biggie, she got a truck instead and Meraki Gift was born. Hazel Davis hitched a ride.

Digital detox a literal eye-opener

Like most of us, Judith Holder's never far from her phone. Could she survive five days without it? We sent her to Switzerland, no really, to find out.

Hey! Teachers! I’ll leave my kids at home

Hazel Davis and her fella are home-educating their kids. This week, she’s finally given in to the lure of the internet.