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A proper tidy Welsh celebration

In honour of St David’s Day, we got proud Welsh woman Ruth Jones to tell us what it means to her. Here she shares the Jones’s family controversy of Sosban Fach and several delicious family recipes. Not to mention what happened with the leeks…

When Did You Last See Your Father of the Nation?

In the wake of the month-long disappearance of Kim Jong-un, international relations lightweight Jane Bostock offers North Korea some helpful tips on finding their leader if he ever goes missing again.

Fashion: Why

London Fashion Week sashays into the capital today, so we asked Bertie Bowen to tell us why fashion is so important.

Why we should never forget the ruined city

On the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden by Allied bombing raids, Maureen Younger explains how the city represents a moral maze which remains with us today.

Is Dave the Greatest Living Tory?

Political lightweight Jane Bostock offers her regional expertise to the Conservative leader following his Greatest Living Yorkshireman reveal.

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!

In honour of St Patrick’s Day, we got proud Irish woman Grainne Maguire to tell us what it means to her. Contains parade fails and a flirting Christopher Columbus.

The science behind the stereotypes

It’s British Science Week so Dr Sujata Kundu from Imperial College London’s Engineering Department is here to talk women and science.

Why I ♥ Our NHS

Victoria King has every reason to love the NHS and she firmly believes that we should all love it too. She tells Standard Issue why.

Labour’s campaign bus is decidedly off colour

Come on girls! Let’s get around the kitchen table for a chat about the kitchen table. Hmmm. Rachel Extance is struggling to get on board with Harriet’s pink bus.

All Thriller, No Spiller

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott survived a leadership “spill” this week. Comedian Felicity Ward shares her thoughts. And excitement.