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Accountability and the artist

The list of celebrities who have been accused of or have committed terrible acts is always growing. Taylor Glenn asks should we, or even can we, separate the two?

Three abortions

Openness is vital if abortion is to keep its head high and proud. Our Sadie Hasler holds her hand up and says, “I chose”.

What the fuck just happened? The new POTUS

President King Baby has been in power for just over a week and the ensuing shitblizzard already demands a WTFJH? two-parter. Hannah Dunleavy is hitting the whiskey.

Why I’m voting against Article 50

SNP MP for Aberdeen North Kirsty Blackman tells us why she wishes more MPs would do their research ahead of the biggest decision the Westminster parliament will make for generations.

Because we’re worth it

If Dotty Winters hears the word ‘meritocracy’ one more time she’s going to stick your unicorn where the sun don’t shine.

Don’t shut down conversation that the Women’s March started

If you don't understand why millions of people took to the streets at the weekend, says Siân Bevan, you don't understand what’s happening in the world right now.

Adieu, adieu, René

In 1990, when she was about nine, Catie Wilkins got to meet Gorden Kaye, who sadly died yesterday, aged 75. She remembers a lovely man.

We marched for Northern Ireland

On Saturday thousands of women marched in solidarity with women in the US. Katherine O’Brien was one of them, but she was also marching for the rights of women much closer to home.

So long to a trailblazer of women’s sport

Rachael Heyhoe Flint was a pioneer of women's cricket. But, says Jen Offord, she also tore down barriers for women in all sports.

Breaking dad

The charity Working Families has warned that we’re in danger of creating a fatherhood penalty, which is why we need to stop talking about mothers and fathers and talk about parents instead, says Dotty Winters.