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Woman of the Year: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Our writers pick the women who rocked their world in 2016. For Ashley Davies that was Fleabag's creator and star.

There are no acceptable degrees of abuse when it comes to #MyClitoris

The charity Integrate UK have released a kicking video spelling out why FGM in all its forms needs to be called out as criminal. Mukhtar Hassan tells Standard Issue more about the work they do and fields some questions about their latest YouTube campaign.

Woman of the year: Samantha Bee

Our writers pick the women who rocked their world in 2016. Samantha, we need you, now more than ever, says Kate McCabe.

The hounds of Bush

So Kate Bush said Theresa May was wonderful. Calm yourselves down, says Sooz Kempner.

Why I ❤️ Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her courage, candour and comedy. Kate McCabe might never stop applauding.

“A virus doesn’t discriminate”

Today is World Aids Day, so we asked Lizzie Jordan, one of the UK’s highest profile HIV advocates, about the importance of sexual health MOTs and exactly how out of date those terrifying ads of the 1980s are.

God save the Queen?

The republican movement in Britain has proposed that when the current Queen shuffles off this mortal coil, a referendum should be held as to whether to veto the monarchy. Justine Brooks is on board, but Jen Offord remains loyal.

Clicking ‘share’? Check the facts

American ex-pat Kate McCabe has read more about the problems with clickbait and fake news in the past two weeks than in the past two years. She’s going to keep reading. As should we all.

The Farage Diaries

Imagine being Nigel Farage. No, us neither. Sooz Kempner, however, has managed to get a look at his bona fide, genuine, honest to goodness diary. She shares her findings.

White Ribbon Campaign: Seeking love, respect and equality

Friday 25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The White Ribbon Campaign UK is all over it.