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Birds of a feather

In Women's History Month, Jenny Shelton talks to the RSPB's Paula Baker about her work and that of the women who founded the charity.

Kids on social media

In January, Leicestershire police released the short film Kayleigh’s Love Story, the horrific true story of a child groomed online. Many youngsters have since come forward with similar experiences. And yet social media is part of their world. Justine Brooks talks teens and the internet.

Weird sisters

There’s no doubt that in the 16th and 17th century witches got, to put it mildly, a bad press. On the 325th anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials, our writers celebrate some excellent magic madams.

Our dream tea dates

It's Women's History Month, so we're wondering who our contributors would like to take out for a nice cup of tea or pint while quizzing them about their life.

And the Oscar for best mistake goes to…

It's still a little uncertain who is responsible for the calamitous balls-up at this year's Academy Awards which saw Moonlight's Best Film prize go to La La Land. But, we've all made a massive boo-boo at work, right?

Declaring ‘Lass War’ on the Northern Powerhouse

The itinerary for this week’s Northern Powerhouse conference is all about the boys. Kate Fox has called bullshit and will be protesting against the middle-aged-maleness of it all. In hi-vis and a hard hat.

Bloody rude

Prostitute murder’s hilarious, right? No, London Dungeon, it’s not. Jen Offord has a social history lesson for you.

A wife by any other name

When Miriam González Durántez was addressed as Mrs Clegg on International Women’s Day, Mrs Cath Janes’ lid naturally flipped.

An idiot’s guide to whataboutery

Finding it difficult to engage in meaningful debate online? What about those people who don't even have the internet, says Hannah Dunleavy. Don't you care about them?

What the fuck just happened? The new POTUS – part two

That Muslim ban. That hand-holding. The Doomsday Clock moving forward. Brace yourself, Jean, Hannah Dunleavy’s going in.