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So long, and thanks for all the love

We came, we saw, we kicked ass, but sadly it’s time for Standard Issue to go offline. We will still be around for your ears though. Please read on.

Step up STEM women

WISE chief executive Helen Wollaston says it’s time for women in STEM to stop being modest.

The kids aren’t alright

Universal childcare benefits us all, not just parents, says Dotty Winters. How about some AND instead of OR?

Der ner ner ner ner ner ner ner… Catman!

More men are becoming cat-owners, but it still rubs Ashley Davies up the wrong way when people think cats are ‘women’s pets’.

May shouldn’t pretend to be one of the boys

When the PM dismisses sexism as “a bit of fun” she doesn't just demean herself, says Jen Offord, she demeans all of us.

Fifty shades of kids’ TV

Apparently mums across the UK are losing their ovaries over Tom Hardy’s CBeebies story time. Come on, now, says Lizzie Catt, no one did this about Willie Rushton in the 80s.

The goddamn wonder of whales

Humpbacks are massing in unprecedented numbers off the coast of South Africa. Whatever they're up to, Rowan Whiteside knows it'll be awesome.

Smile like you mean it

British airline Monarch is offering upgrades to its “nicest” customers. How does that make Vix Leyton feel? Let's call it not-nice.

The invisible middle

We are experienced, ambitious, wealthy and informed and yet, no one bloody well wants to talk to us, says women’s marketing company co-founder Rebecca Rhodes. Time for a middle-aged rebrand.

Ringing the changes

In British Science Week, Suze Kundu celebrates the theme of change and wonders how the science community will deal with what’s ahead.