Alcoholism – why all the fuss?

According to Alcohol Concern, more than 10 million British adults are drinking more than the recommended guidelines, with an annual estimated cost to the NHS of £3.5 billion. Dr Josephine Fagan gives us the facts.

Through a glass, darkly

After a lifetime of poor eyesight, Jen Brown thought laser surgery would transform her life. It did. But not in the ways she was expecting.

100 Days as a Biscuit: week four

Everyone loves biscuits at a party, right? On a plate, yes. This week Pippa Evans finds taking her biscuity face to an industry do less palatable.

My Kryptonite

Joanne Lau is terrified of butterflies and she’s not alone. Think that’s silly? Think again…

Face your fears

Face Your Fears Week starts today, encouraging people to do just that and raise money to help people with disfigurements. Sarah Millican, Susan Calman and Zoe Lyons tell Standard Issue how they overcame their phobias and how their lives changed as a result.

Helping someone with depression

No stranger to the black dog, Annabel Giles offers a few personal tips on how to help someone suffering from this frightening and debilitating condition.

Why We Must Talk About FGM Today

This Saturday marks V-Day/One Billion Rising: a worldwide movement to end all forms of violence against women and girls. With 140 million women currently living with the effects of female genital mutilation, feminist activist Lyndsey Jefferson explains why the subject is everyone’s business.

Good Sports: Eve Muirhead

Sport England campaign This Girl Can aims to encourage more women to take up sport. But which one’s for you? Standard Issue is talking to different sportswomen to learn what they love about theirs. This week Hannah Dunleavy talks to Olympic curling bronze medallist Eve Muirhead.

No armbands required

34 and unable to swim, Hazel Davis realised she was ill-equipped to save her kids from wa-tery danger. Here she explains how she became a splash act amid the old ladies.

Let’s Get Physical: Hula Hooping

One-time couch potato Jen Offord is now a fully-fledged sportsaholic. In the spirit of #thisgirlcan, she’s trying out different activities for Standard Issue. This week, she’s in a spin.