100 Days as a Biscuit: week 12

Our resident biscuit Pippa Evans has had the lurgy – and a show to do. Cue makeup o’clock.

Lady Parts: Festive Special

At this time of year, ladies have to contend with all sorts of unpleasant bodily phenomena. Accordingly, this month’s Lady Parts sees Lucy Sweet explore festive fartery, bloated balloon bellies and the mysterious case of the Christmas bra buffet…

100 Days as a Biscuit: week 11

Christmas is a tricky time for any biscuit. Pippa Evans is no exception.

Postnatal depression: “I felt like I was limping through a permanent twilight”

Gabby Hutchinson Crouch shares her experience of postnatal depression and encourages us all to bring the subject out of the dark.

100 Days as a Biscuit: week two

When an audition brings intrepid biscuit Pippa Evans out in a (face) rash, she finds out whether Peter Andre can be friends with a pasty Brit.

The Life Palavers of Harriet Dyer

Harriet Dyer was a human catastrophe: drugs, drink and institutions. She's back on her feet and has some life lessons to share so people don't make the same mistakes she did.

100 Days as a Biscuit: week 10

Being a biscuit for 100 days has raised various questions for Pippa Evans, with possibly the most contentious involving public transport.

100 Days as a Biscuit: week eight

As her onstage persona Loretta Maine, Pippa Evans has proved a big hit on the comedy scene. But now she wants to be Pippa not Loretta and it seems being a biscuit is helping make that happen.

Alcoholism – why all the fuss?

According to Alcohol Concern, more than 10 million British adults are drinking more than the recommended guidelines, with an annual estimated cost to the NHS of £3.5 billion. Dr Josephine Fagan gives us the facts.

Through a glass, darkly

After a lifetime of poor eyesight, Jen Brown thought laser surgery would transform her life. It did. But not in the ways she was expecting.