Lady Parts: The Postnatal Body

After giving birth, there comes a new strain of strictly female disgustingness. But it’s all perfectly natural, so why should we pretend it isn’t happening? Lucy Sweet urges mothers everywhere to tell the world about their battered postnatal hoo-ha, and don’t stop until everyone in Asda has fainted.

Targeting Ovarian Cancer: My mum was let down

In our continuing series of features during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we talk to Tatum De Roeck, who believes her mum would have had a much better chance of survival had her doctors listened to her earlier.

The fleece of despair

Whether it’s by our mums, sisters, friends or Judy Blume, we all get told the period facts. But what about the other side? Jane Hill gives us the lowdown on the perimenopause and it ain’t pretty.

When breast isn’t necessarily best

Having ‘put up with’ her 38GG boobs for the best part of 25 years, Kate Fox decided she’d had enough of gaping blouses, flapping coats, laboured in-bed breathing and having to accept outward chest pain as a consequence of running.

Let’s get SICK!

SICK!, a festival in Manchester starting tonight, explores the medical, mental and social challenges of life and death. Performance artist Bryony Kimmings could not be more of a giddy kipper about it – and rightly so.

Silence is deadly: male suicide

Last year, Gem Carlier’s loved and loving boyfriend took his own life. He’s not the only one: male suicide rates are at a 15-year-high and toxic masculinity is largely to blame.

Fake It Til You Make It

Male depression has become one of performance artist Bryony Kimming’s specialist subjects. She’d like you to take a closer look at the men that surround you.

Measles – why all the fuss?

An outbreak of measles in California, which has spread to 14 US states, has brought the disease back into the spotlight and reopened the row about vaccination. Dr Josephine Fagan gives us the facts.

‘You have to think positively’

In advance of International Childhood Cancer Day on Sunday, Hannah Dunleavy looks at the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust and speaks to a young cancer survivor about what the charity means to her.

Fanny Terrorism

Why, asks Dr Josephine Fagan, are more and more women resorting to surgery in a bid for a so-called ‘designer vagina’?