One giant leap for womankind

Our sports correspondent Jen Offord has brought us the issues and achievements of women in sport and, by thunder, she’s going out on a positive note.

The defence of the counsellor

Prince Harry talked this week about how counselling helped him gain some control over his life. It could help you too, says Jane Bostock.

Deleting sex messages

The myths and media portrayal of female sexual pleasure have come – and now it’s time they fucked off, says sex therapist Lisa Etherson.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: Sarah’s story

Despite a strong family history of the disease, no one thought Sarah Woodison was old enough to get bowel cancer. During Bowel Cancer UK’s awareness drive, she tells Standard Issue her story so far.

Punching within their weight

Women’s sports are finally starting to get the attention they deserve. And boxing, says Jen Offord, is – somewhat surprisingly – setting a good example.

It REALLY couldn’t happen to a nicer… Child

This series has seen Lucy Nichol proving you never know who mental ill health will come after next, by celebrating the diverse qualities and eccentricities of her lovable friends and acquaintances. In this, the final part, she’s doing a bit of time travel.

Pelvic pain: You’re not alone, broken or wrong

It took a Stateside move and a man who cared whether or not she enjoyed intercourse, before Jemima Williams felt like sex without pain – and even sex with pleasure – was a possibility.

Some shit tips

April is IBS Awareness Month, which is presumably aimed at non-sufferers because it’s pretty much a year-round thing for those who have it. If that’s you, then you might find these tips useful.

Not in love with Kasabian’s new video

The promo for Kasabian’s new single has been held up as a damaging example of how not to portray mental health. Lucy Nichol had a watch.

These girls are

Spring is a bona fide feast when it comes to women’s sport. Our Jen Offord tells us what’s happening, where and when.