National Breakfast Week: Almond and currant bars

It’s still the week devoted to all things brekkie and former GBBO contestant Claire Goodwin has been back in the kitchen on our behalf, coming up with a thoroughly cool – and gluten free – option.

National Breakfast Week: Hot Frittata

A week celebrating the most important meal of the day is underway. We asked former GBBO contestant Claire Goodwin to come up with a couple of non-boring options to kick the day off in tasty fashion. Here’s the hot one.

QOTM: Breakfast of champions

Most important meal of the day or tiresome obligation to eat oats? We asked our writers to nominate their breakfasts of choice.

Christmas recipe: Hazelnut and chocolate bundt cake

Looking for edible centrepiece ideas for the Christmas table? Look no further. GBBO 2014 semi-finalist Chetna Makan has a recipe for a cake some might think is too pretty to eat. We don’t. We’re totally eating it.

Recipe: Christmas cupcakes

Fancy causing an excitable hoo-ha at the school Christmas fair? Crack on with these festive fancies from ace baker Claire Goodwin. There’ll be oohing, ahhing, yumming and nomming aplenty. Kiddywink involvement optional.

Hoovering: Bundles of joy

Comedian and food fiend Jessica Fostekew puts her mouth where others fear to tread. A celebration of eating: from posh nosh to kebab shops to stuff that’s been on the floor. This week, Jess emerges from her babymoon with tales of yummy food and kindness.

Recipe: zombie head on a plate

Scaredy cats look away now. Claire Goodwin has created an exceptionally spooky Halloween treat. The amount of sugar involved alone is terrifying. But delicious – obvs.

Vegan ‘til I die (aged 130)

With World Vegan Day approaching, Ami Tadaa tells us what it’s like to make a passion for ethical living into a career.

Halloween treats without tricks

If you are sensible enough to prefer treats to tricks when it comes to Halloween, then GBBO 2014 semi-finalist Chetna Makan is your go-to girl. Cobweb aprons and blood-dripping tastebuds at the ready if you please.

An appeal on behalf of people who are better than me

Despite not being a vegan (and being confident those who eat a plant-based diet are more than strong enough to fight their corner) the moderately principled Margaret Cabourn-Smith would like to see them applauded a bit more.