Recipe: Death by chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache drizzle

A cake that makes crap days better? You’d better believe it. Lorraine Pascale introduces the ultimate chocolate bake.

Hoovering: Suffolk eating

What does a couple do on a weekend away from the baby? Eat, says Jess Fostekew.

Eat Here, Love: Ira B’s

In our continuing series saluting the loveliness of places where we love to scoff when we’re out of the house, Justine Brooks introduces her favourite.

Recipe: Besan ki cheela

February is Hot Breakfast Month, so chickpea fan Gita Malhotra’s whisked us up some Punjabi pancakes. Now if you’ll excuse us…

Hoovering: Little Everyjob

Comedian and food fiend Jessica Fostekew puts her mouth where others fear to tread. A celebration of eating: from posh nosh to kebab shops to stuff that’s been on the floor. This week, Jess and her young assistant face some less-than-A1 grub options.

Recipe: Warming lentil, chickpea and spinach soup

Feeling that nip in the air and looking for a vegetarian lunch? Chetna Makan is your go-to woman.

Surviving Veganuary

If embracing your inner vegan is already feeling a little tricky, don’t reach for the cheddar on buttered toast with a side of chocolate milkshake just yet. Ami Deane’s here to help!

Hoovering: Close to the Madding Crowd

Our food expert Jessica Fostekew is back at the trough and this time she's cruising for a confusing on the high seas.

Hands off the barbecue tongs – meat’s not just a ‘man thing’

Louise Gray spent a year only eating animals she’d killed herself, and in the process learned a lot about compassion and the environment.

Recipe: Spiced tromboncino cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting

Holy moly, we could do with some cheering up. What better way to put a smile on your face than with delicious cake? Amy Cooke-Hodgson knows just the thing.