Written by Fiona Longmuir


Why I ❤️ Back to the Future

Tomorrow it’s 30 years since Marty McFly first graced our screens (well, not in the UK, we had to wait until December – remember when we had to put up with that?) Anywho, Fiona Longmuir’s here to tell us why it remains one of her favourite films.

DeLoreanBack to the Future is one of my all-time favourite films. It’s pure genius, from the first strains of Huey Lewis and the News, to the final, brilliant “Great Scott!” Any film that manages to squeeze in an accidental snog with your mother and still retain its classic status has to be.

When it was rereleased in the cinema a couple of years ago, my boyfriend got us tickets, affirming his status as probably the best person in the world. There are a lot of brilliant things about Back to the Future: the soundtrack, the DeLorean, the fact that the lead-up to the lightning strike still makes my heart pound. But I think what elevates it to cultural masterpiece level are the little touches. The minor scenes that you forget about but that still make you roar with laughter when they come on.

Here are just a few of the little things I love about it:

Best dog ever. I am guaranteed to love any film with a great dog in.

1955 Lorraine is such a feminist icon. She goes after the guy she wants with buttloads of confidence and zero regard for conservative ideas of what women should do, casually admits to having followed him home and straight-up beats up Biff, way before George does. She instructs him in no uncertain terms to get his meat hooks off of her and then batters him over the head with a bloody gorgeous dress. I think we could all do with embracing our inner Lorraine every once in a while.

Everything that Biff says is funny. Shut up, it is. All of his “make like a tree and get out of here” lines are funny. Fighting with his grandma is funny. Old Biff and Young Biff bickering is funny. The fact that he’s actually sort of handsome is very funny. Him towering over Marty will never stop being funny. This may say something about my maturity level, but he just makes me laugh.

Biff and gangThe VW
The Libyan terrorists drive a VW camper. There is nothing that is not good about that.

Doc’s face when he sets his bin on fire

Doc surprise

My little sister and I used to sit and rewind our copy of the movie and just watch these five seconds over and over and over. I think it’s so funny because it’s blatantly obvious to everyone except Doc that this is going to happen. Classic. I’m off again.

Its intense quotability
You can yell out “What the hell is a gigawatt?” in any room and you will immediately identify the fellow fans. Also, it fits its own title into the movie an impressive number of times and I totally love when films do that.

Marty McFlyIt has a totally awesome sequel
It is very rare a film this great comes with an equally great sequel. The second Back to the Future movie lets you enjoy all the key moments of the first one, but with an extra Marty running about causing trouble. The sequel was obviously made with such love for the first one and I am very much on board with that.

FUN FACT: George McFly knocks out Biff at the same timestamp in both movies. I may have read this fact underneath a meme on the internet but I choose to believe that it’s true because it makes me happy.

Its vision of 2015
That’s right, when Marty goes into the future with the flying cars and hoverboards and magical growing pizzas, he has travelled to 2015. Take me with you, Marty; this 2015 pales in comparison. Even if you are still inexplicably using fax machines.


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Written by Fiona Longmuir

Fiona Longmuir is a professional storyteller, reluctant adult and aspiring funny girl. When not getting naked in tube stations and binge-watching inappropriate TV shows, she can be found scribbling at the Escapologist's Daughter.