Written by Joanna Neary


The Illustrated Fringe: Joanna Neary paints us a picture of her August in Edinburgh

Writer and performer Joanna Neary (who doubles as one of our lovely illustrators at Standard Issue), has had A Faceful of Issues at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. She’s also ended up with a sketchbook full of illustrated diary entries from her month north of the border, which she was happy to share.

august family day outHello. I am Joanna Neary and I’ve been doing a comedy show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. What you’re about to see are some entries from my sketchbook diary which I’ve been keeping throughout the month.

I judged the big things (like doing about 30 hour-long shows in a month) to be simply too big and eventful to sketch in a couple of minutes. When I get a rare tiny bit of time to draw, I have to think quickly about the one thing that happened that day that I really wanted to document.

The small things, such as my husband doing the dishes while shockingly comparing his painful blister to being in Afghanistan, will help me remember the house we were in, the friends we saw and the feelings we had, as much as a show report could.

I think we all have ‘wingspan estimate’ moments in our lives. I can’t draw very well to commission; I draw for myself, when I’m in the right mood, partly because my training* was in Fine Art, not Graphic Design.

When I think someone else needs to approve it, I start to self-edit and am less fun and less honest. Although my sketchbooks are personal, when I realised how much I enjoy reading other people’s, I thought I might share mine too.

The small things are personal but universal. I do hope you like them.

*When I say ‘training’, you need to know that I did fine art and performance art and a lot of that involved sitting about at home singing along to Eugene Chadbourne and Jad Fair. In fact, my now-husband said he didn’t even know that I was on a course. It was a very happy time. Everyone should go to art school.

‘Edinburgh Fringe Issues’: July

Edinburgh Fringe Issues July

Day 1

Day 1

Scottish National Gallery

Scottish National Gallery

Disaster bastard

Disaster Bastard

Disaster bastard cont. (Rodney Bewes)

Disaster Bastard - RODNEY BEWES









19th August family day out

august family day out

27th August – When it’s over


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Written by Joanna Neary

One of Standard Issue’s super-talented bunch of illustrators. www.joneary.com @MsJoNeary