Written by Tanya Barrrow


Recap: Strictly Come Dancing Saturday night Live Blog

So as the memories of Blackpool and Jamelia’s possibly controversial exit from Strictly Come Dancing faded into the off-pier mist, the remaining contestants came back to boogie. Tanya Barrow had a spray tan and live blogged every step.

So, it’s week 10, and we’re down to seven couples left in the Strictly class of 2015.

Following Jamelia and Tristan’s departure last week, after the judges voted to keep Peter Andre and Janette in the competition – a decision which has had ripple ramifications all week – the remaining contestants returned to the standard Strictly ballroom from the magnificence of Blackpool Tower.

In addition to their individual dances, all couples also took part in a collective Quick Step, which looked like a proper hoot.

In other news, viewers enjoyed a Paso Doble from Georgia and Giovanni; a Viennese Waltz from Helen and Aljaž; a Tango from Jay and Aliona; an Argentine Tango from Katie and Anton; a Salsa from Kellie and Kevin; and an American Smooth from Peter and Janette.

Readers of Standard Issue also got to enjoy Tanya Barrow blogging the glittery bottom off all of the above. You can relive every flicky kick, and a lot more besides, right here.

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Written by Tanya Barrrow

T, never Tanya please, is a mum of three teens who is trying to live life to the full. @MummyBarrow