Written by Annika Eade


Replay: Strictly Come Dancing Saturday Night Live Blog

As the second night of Strictly proper approached, we enlisted Annika Eade to live blog the arse off it. While having a spray tan under a glitterball, obviously.

Righto then, half of the school of 2015 has had their first dance and it was good news for Helen George, even if the judges did have to labour through all those midwife puns (I’m sorry.)

What do we know about tonight? Well, Jeremy Vine is going to be doing a cha-cha, which will be bound to result in at least one swingometer gag from Len. And we know there will be no voting as no-one is being ejected this week.

So, why not settle down with some biscuits and a pillow to hide behind and join Annika tonight for her Strictly news and views? Oh, and if you want to relive last night’s show via Dep Ed Hannah Dunleavy’s Friday night live blog, you can do that here.

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Written by Annika Eade

Annika is a mother and a writer, specialising in blogging and graphic novels. Caffeine essential.