Written by Vix Leyton


Rated or Dated: White on Blonde

Twenty years after its release, Vix Leyton asks if Texas’s bestselling album has stood the test of time.

White on Blonde album coverWhat and why: Texas’s fourth album was released today in 1997 and became the Scottish band’s bestselling long-player, certified 6x platinum by the British Phonographic Industry.

Rated or dated: I was lucky enough to have a Texas revival a couple of years ago when they played the most glorious Greatest Hits set at the Radio 2 Festival (a very polite one-day affair where there are more buggies than snuck-in-contraband, and there’s a Pimms tent).

White on Blonde made its way back on to my playlist with a vengeance.

Sharleen Spiteri’s indieness and mild androgyny fascinated me as a teenager, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be her, know her, or go out with her and used to muse (edgily and daringly, for the time) to my friends that she made me feel somewhat confused.

I’ve since rewatched the In Demand video many times – due to the dual interests of Spiteri and Alan Rickman dancing a tango in a petrol station – and can say shamelessly and with conviction that if she had asked me out, I would have gone. Same for Rickman, were he still with us. *sob*

Anyway, enough about my all-inclusive policy to dating attractive, famous people… in case you haven’t guessed, the jury is in and the verdict is RATED.

The songs themselves remain a joy to listen to: a 90s time capsule, with Spiteri’s lilting Scottish tones kicking me right back to my teenage bedroom. Although, how much you appreciate that second bit depends how that era went for you. From the angsty Black Eyed Boy through to the subtle beauty of Put Your Arms Around Me, a love song that I’ve clung on to for 20 years (Twenty years! Jesus!), it takes you through emotional highs and lows.

The album flows well, and although the wealth of singles stand out, it’s easy to listen to end to end. Well worth revisiting for a hit of songwriting brilliance tinted with nostalgia.


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Written by Vix Leyton

Vix is a financial PR and ginabler who lives and works in East London. As a result she long ago lost sight of whether riding a unicycle while wearing a monocle is par for the course on a normal day.