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Podcast news: Surviving Droughtlander

Here’s Maureen Younger with some news about a new podcast. It’s got Outlander and Jen Brister; what’s not to like?

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe): a fixture on Maureen's screens of late. Photos: Sony Pictures Television/Starz.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe): a fixture on Maureen’s screens of late. Photos: Sony Pictures Television/Starz.

All things come to an end. And for Outlander fans (have I mentioned I might be one of them?) Droughtlander is upon us, at least until season three hits the screen.

So what is a girl to do, now that she no longer has a clock in the back of her head ticking down to Sunday 5am when she can get her next fix of this time-travelling/historical/romantic saga on Amazon Prime?

Well the obvious thing to do, as with the rupture of any relationship, is to go back to the beginning and figure out how the hell you ended up where you did. With a TV series that’s easy, particularly if like me, you have the DVDs, the first two novels, an up-to-date Amazon Prime membership, a Firestick and a Kindle. Seriously, this Outlander addiction is costing me a blinking fortune.

So, I am back to the beginning and watching season one yet again. And whereas season two is a romance story for adults, season one is more your traditional romance story: watching two sexy people fall in love.

And for someone with the emotional maturity of an immature 16-year-old, how I prefer the romance of season one to the more grown-up romance of its sequel, where you have two adults trying desperately to cling to each other despite the slings and arrows that life keeps throwing at them, and the small technicality that their other half is, at times, driving them round the bend.

“What you have, in essence, is a woman banging on about herself, telling the man she loves her innermost secrets and not only does he listen to her, he is even asking questions and for her to repeat herself. What woman wouldn’t love that?”

To be honest I’ve already watched season one about 20 times. (You tend to stop counting once you hit double figures). And I sometimes even treat myself to the mini-marathon of episodes seven to 11.

As any Outlander aficionado will know, those particular episodes encompass what I would suggest are probably two of an average woman’s wet dreams: the wedding episode which combines sex and romance with a very hot male (seriously, what’s not to like?), and the episode where Jamie rescues Claire (yet again) from certain death, whereupon she confesses to Jamie she’s from the future.

Thus what you have, in essence, in the latter episode is a woman banging on about herself, telling the man she loves her innermost secrets and not only does he listen to her (yes, he is actually listening to her), he is even asking questions and for her to repeat herself.

What’s more, his initial reaction on hearing the news, besides a cute smile and a quip, is to put his own wants and desires aside and try and resolve the situation for her as best he can. I mean, forget the hot sex (for a moment at least); what woman wouldn’t love that? No wonder Jamie is the fantasy male par excellence.

But of course, raking over the past is no fun if you haven’t got anyone to drone on – I mean – talk about it in depth to. So, using my normal skills of persuasion, i.e. banging on about something until the other person loses the will to live (a surprisingly effective method), I’ve managed to rope in fellow comic Jen Brister.

It may come as no great surprise then, given the odd reference above to Sam Heughan, that my usual method of proselytising people to the Outlander fold is fairly simple: that is, if they happen to be a straight woman or a gay man. I just show them a photo of Sam and point out he’s the leading man. It turns out that a picture of Sam is also a rather effective, if concise, method of persuasion.

As Jen is a gay woman, I suspected this modus operandi might not be so effective. Though to be fair, it didn’t stop me giving it a go. (I was right. It wasn’t.) Nevertheless, Jen has gamely agreed to help me get through Droughtlander by watching Outlander from the beginning with me. Even better, I’ve managed to persuade her to record our in-depth discussions/droning on into a regular podcast.

So if you too are already suffering the effects of Droughtlander, feel free to join us as we work our way through all 29 episodes! (I haven’t told Jen that bit yet.)

A new episode will be available every two weeks via Jen’s Soundcloud page.
Episode one is available now here.
And read Maureen’s recap of season two here.


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Written by Maureen Younger

A London-Scottish, multi-lingual, much-travelled stand up comic working on the mainstream, urban and gay comedy circuits, actor and writer. www.maureenyounger.com @MaureenYounger