Written by Standard Issue


Pass the dog shit on the left hand side… and other lyrics you thought you heard

After sharing some of our ace contributors’ admissions of misheard song lyrics, our just-as-ace readers got involved and it was joyous.

orang utan

All together now: “I get knocked down, by an orangutan…”

Just as in real life, some of the best nights on Twitter come right of the blue.

There we were, tweeting links to a few articles you may have missed, and the next thing we knew, four hours had gone past and we’d pissed ourselves a little bit.

If you were also following the lengthy thread inspired by our Misheard Lyrics 7 Wonders playlist, you’ll doubtless know what we mean.

If not, then we’ve rounded up some of our favourite contributions. Warning: you may piss yourself a little bit.

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Written by Standard Issue