Written by Myf Warhurst


Open Your Ears! Swing out sisters (and brother)

Myf Warhurst shines a spotlight on women who should be peppering your playlist. This week it’s retro-rocking siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.

Yes, this family band from London does contain one gentleman, which, if we followed rules around here, would make them ineligible for this column. But we don’t like rules and don’t want you to miss out on great music, so pooh pooh to that, for just this once. Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are worth breaking the rules for because not only are they excellent, they also have a brand new album to share with the world. And to miss out on having them in your lives on a technicality is everyone’s loss.

So if you’re new to the Kitty, Daisy and Lewis fan club, these talented siblings began their music career when they were still kids back in the mid-2000s, and originally recognised for being bright young things who clearly loved their retro sounds. Over the years they’ve delved into many musical styles; incorporating rockabilly, funk, boogie-woogie, swing, blues, soul, country and western and rock and roll to name a few, putting them through their musical family blender and remodelling them to create their own distinct sounds. All their recordings have been done very much in their trademark hands-on, DIY style in a spare room at their Mum’s place, with a heavy emphasis on all things analogue.


These three, however, couldn’t be further removed from boring traditional musical purists. On their third album, appropriately titled The Third, the group have stepped things up a notch. They moved out of Mum’s, set up shop in a derelict Indian restaurant in Camden Town that they painstakingly remodelled themselves into a new studio. It was here that they recorded the album, ably encouraged by long time fan of the band, Mick Jones of the Clash, who took on production duties. He spent four months rehearsing with them before embarking on the recording process and the result is quite magnificent. The band have reached new musical heights, while still delving in to the retro stylings, but have come up with an expression of who they are musically right now; a combination of old sounds, new sounds, great sounds, now sounds.

The Third is out now on Sunday Best

Single – No Action

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Written by Myf Warhurst

Myfanwy Warhurst is a broadcaster at Double J radio (ABC Australia), TV presenter, Guardian columnist, music nut and general layabout.