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Open Your Ears! Dark and dreamy rock theatrics

Each week, Myf Warhurst shines a spotlight on women who should be peppering your playlist. This week it’s mistress of the unexpected mix-up My Brightest Diamond.

Not afraid to artfully chuck a bit of everything at a tune, My Brightest Diamond blends it all together like a conceptual artist

The first thing you’ll hear on My Brightest Diamond’s latest record, This Is My Hand, is the drums. These are not regular 4×4 beats from a garden variety drum kit, but marching band drums. Big, banging, happy drums. When the first song Pressure begins, you’re immediately transported to an American street parade, where the community comes together to the soundtrack of blaring trumpets and flutes and whole lot of marching in unison. It’s a joyous way to start a record.

And then comes the art that lifts My Brightest Diamond’s music from obvious pageantry. You see, not only is My Brightest Diamond (known down her local as Shara Worden) an accomplished singer songwriter, she’s a multi instrumentalist, a classically trained musician and somehow she blends it all together like a conceptual artist would.

So who is this talented artist? Based in Detroit, My Brightest Diamond has been releasing records since 2006. Her latest, This Is My Hand, has been received well by critics and it’s one she’s most proud of. Inspired by a book by neuroscientist Daniel Levitin called The World In Six Songs, which combines science and art to discover how music has shaped humanity, Worden used the book to understand why she is always motivated to keep making music. She’s certainly found it on this record, released on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty record label.

If after all this you still haven’t fallen for her, My Brightest Diamond has also made a video of dance moves that you’re welcome to perform along with her at gigs. She clearly understands that no matter how arty we might be, there’s still a part of us that will always want to pull out an emotional dance routine after a few pre-show warm up drinks. Or maybe that’s just me?

Single: Pressure

Dance routine for Pressure

This Is My Hand is out now on Paper Bag/Asthmatic Kitty Records

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Written by Myf Warhurst

Myfanwy Warhurst is a broadcaster at Double J radio (ABC Australia), TV presenter, Guardian columnist, music nut and general layabout.