Written by Hannah Dunleavy


Live blog: BAFTAs

Rejoin the excellent pairing of Hannah Dunleavy and Lou Conran as they live blogged the arse off the Baftas.

Remember the days when the film and television BAFTAs were just one event, held in the summer? Hollywood stars, so far removed from the US release date of the films they were nominated for they could barely remember making them, turned up in whatever the opposite of droves is. Dribbles perhaps. And when they did show, it caused the sort of excitement and overblown deference you’d expect if The Duchess of Cambridge drew the raffle at a village fete.

Then someone had the bright idea of separating the events and moving the Film Baftas to before the Oscars. OK, so it denied us the opportunity to see John Travolta’s confused reaction as Animal Hospital and Groundforce battled out for best something something on UK TV, but it meant that many of the “lesser” awards were now televised and, helpfully, that most people had seen or at least heard of the films in the running. And, of course, it meant film stars finally wanted to turn up and see if they’d won. Nowadays, you can’t swings your arms in Central London on Bafta weekend without accidentally punching an A-lister in the balls.

This year’s event will be hosted by Stephen Fry and on BBC1 from 9pm (check) on Sunday. Ace comedian Lou Conran and I will be live-blogging the whole shebang here on the Standard Issue site, offering dubious insight, random speculation and entertaining brain farts. And we won’t be slagging off what anyone’s wearing, except perhaps me, who’s likely to be in my jammies.

You’re very welcome to join us from 8.45pm. BYOB.

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Written by Hannah Dunleavy

Hannah Dunleavy is the deputy editor of Standard Issue. She likes whisky and not having to run anywhere.