Kitchen Gigs

Sick of being the only grey-tinged gal amid an ocean of bald blokes at gigs, Vicky Lindsay Warburton decided to start holding her own. Kind of. Grab your utensils and get ready to mosh not mash.

raised forksOn one of my stranger days on planet Earth I had a mobile Kitchen Gig. I was a lunchtime prisoner in my car, eating expensive, low-grade, supermarket slop and forced into FM radio purgatory.

Tuned into an allegedly reputable mass-market station, my ears found a phone-in on the near coma-inducing theme of ‘boring hobbies’. Mind-boggling, but I hung on in there. A Partridge-esque voice cheered up the nation and informed us about his hobby: a prize collector of… wait for it… rusty nails. Adrenal glands pumping yet? Rusty nails – what a blast. He had 200 of them.

It was a definite life low: it’s pissing down, I’m on a break from a terrible job, force feeding myself a synthetic lunch and listening to dreams of a display cabinet for a rusty nail collection. Also, I hadn’t washed. At that point I walked out into oncoming traffic and ended it all.

In reality, of course I hung on for the guy who had collected 300 vacuum cleaners, and the highlight: a collector of photographs of recycling bins from different counties. Play a sodding record; Christ! I eventually dragged myself out of hypnosis and pressed play on the CD player…

SOAK record coverOn the boil: Sea Creatures by SOAK from the album Before We Forgot How to Dream

She is SO on the boil right now. Being shortlisted for the Mercury Prize means her album sales will surely rocket. She’s a slip of a lass from over the water in Ireland and Sea Creatures showcases her haunting, silky voice, which beautifully informs us about teenage life (too far back for my memories).

If you don’t dig this 19-year-old girl, any teens you know quite probably will. She’s the antithesis to the X-Factor brigade. If you play her to the yoof they will (hopefully) listen and turn that Cowell shite off. Give her a listen, let her wash over you. Aaaahhh.

Steve Gunn coverSimmering: Milly’s Garden by Steve Gunn from the album Way Out Weather

Steve Gunn is in my kitchen. This man will love you. This man will soothe you. This man will enter you – aurally. A pitch-perfect Americana artist, his second album Way Out Weather is all killer, no filler, and will bring you to your knees in more ways than one.

On this track, Milly’s Garden, Gunn is the daddy. He will rock you; he will comfort you. He will make your legs tremble, big momma. I took a punt and brought him home for my husband last Christmas. He lives with us now in perfect harmony.

Gunn used to play in Kurt Vile’s band (more about him in the future). A rich baritone partnered with immense psychedelic guitar that just doesn’t stop building – give me more, Steveo. He’s waiting for your call right now; make contact.

In the deep freeze: Do It to the Music by Raw Silk from the album Masters at Work present West End Records: The 25th Anniversary Edition Mastermix

We had a home disco for our five-year-old boy’s birthday. In our kitchen (obvs). No mass parties here but bijou (read: cheap) home-fuelled fun where we can begin to brainwash our children’s friends with our music choices.

Masters at Work coverEvery year the same disco tracks are wheeled out as background to those all-time party classics, pass the parcel and musical statues. Kids get some really great grooves going to Raw Silk’s Do it to The Music. It’s a disco doozie and it lets me own that kitchen dance floor in my Crocs, while the small fry pogo on the spot.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting bigger when I dance, physically wider, basically ungainly and unsteady. Maybe that’s what happens: you begin with the jumping up and down occupying little space, but as you age you go for width and comfortable footwear.

New York City’s early garage/disco scene of the 70s and 80s produced some top quality tracks from the West End Records label. They set the stage from which 90s house emerged. Pioneers of this scene were two blokes who called themselves Masters At Work (Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez and ‘Little’ Louie Vega). The MAW mix up West End Records CLASSICS et voila! It’s about as far away from rusty nails as you can get. Discotastic. Blast this track loud and embiggen on the lino.


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Written by Vicky Lindsay Warburton

Vicky is reintegrating back into society as her children are now in school. She teaches mindfulness to teenagers, wears trainers and paddles through the nonsense of life.