Kitchen Gigs

Sick of being the only grey-tinged gal amid an ocean of bald blokes at gigs, Vicky Lindsay Warburton decided to start holding her own. Kind of. Grab your utensils and get ready to mosh not mash.

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What footwear do you choose in your kitchens? Do you religiously change from outdoor shoes to glass slippers on home re-entry? Do you dance around in your Crocs (aw-yay-ah!)? Are you Zola Budd? Do you care? I do.

Foot furniture has been high priority for the adults in our household this month and kitchen dancing has been at a minimum. This is due to various illnesses with long-winded names caused by raving for too long in wellies and being too old to rave for too long in wellies.

Outdoor shoes have become indoor shoes and whittled special-shoe inserts have littered the kitchen dancefloor. Only one pair of shoes and inserts eases the pain, thus requiring said shoe to be surgically welded to the foot until bedtime.

All well and good until you step in a concealed moist pile of dog shit while *whispers* out there, involved in society. Actually shouting, “Is this dog shit?”, vexed and trying the contortionist sniff-test, with one leg cocked. The frantic foot wipe was tried, the twist, the side-swiper, the moonwalk, the fucking lot but… still it hummed.

Getting back from the mad-world to our kitchen involved driving with said shitty foot. But as a woman with a car full of crap, the issue was remedied with huge swing-bin liners (in situ for emergency child vomit).

Said billowing swing-bin liner tied around the shoe allowed a clear and skid-free re-entry into car, then woman cave, where I was able to rustle around, cursing hounds and dancing to this month’s choice tunes with one foot in a bag. Hop along now, yee-haw!

Margo Price coverOn the boil: Hurtin’ (On the Bottle) by Margo Price from the album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter

Margo Price is an American country singer from Nashville riding into the mainstream, helped along by exposure on indie/rock label Third Man Records (founded by music lord Jack White).

Miss Price has been a decade hurtin’ for this; she sings from the heart about her turbulent life of past lovers and sadly losing a baby, resulting in her going off the rails and a brief stint behind bars. Emotion radiates through every note, making her performances incredibly compelling. Now she’s making the music press boil with a rip-roaring voice that’s rightly earned comparisons to the great, giant-breasted boss ma’am herself: Dolly Parton.

Hurtin’ was penned after a night out with singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose. Impressed? You should be. Traditional country coupled with Price’s innovation has helped this Midwest Farmer’s Daughter gallop straight to the top of the Billboard country charts, without even releasing a single. Sisters, this cowgirl deserves it all.

Simmering: All My Days by Alexi Murdoch from the album Time Without Consequence

The jaw-dropping All My Days from Murdoch’s first album, Time Without Consequence, was released on his own label, Zero Summer. Born in London, Murdoch lived in Greece as a child, then France, Scotland, America, Berlin and now Iceland… for a while at least.

alexi_murdoch coverA guy with true integrity, he’s continued to swat back major label offers in favour of self-releasing and maintaining creative control over his delicious output. A champion of independent music and not one for limelight, Murdoch’s appeased fans over the years with sporadic shows and tours, mainly in home-grown record stores or venues.

Comparisons to Nick Drake are a given, thanks to Murdoch’s haunting and tender voice, as heard on several primetime American TV shows. A second beautiful album, Towards the Sun, was released in 2011 and there are whisperings that this lyrical soul is back in the studio simmering carefully crafted new music to ease our life wounds.

In the deep freeze: Golden Retriever by Super Furry Animals from the album Phantom Power

Super Furry Animals are one of Wales’ best exports. They emerged as an innovative five-piece from the hills in the 1990s, alongside a host of other dragons (pat on the back for instantly thinking Catatonia, Stereophonics or the Manics). Formed in 1993 by Gruff Rhys (vocals, keyboard and guitar), these left-of-centre lads have given us nine albums and a host of solo projects.

Phantom Power coverI have led their Golden Retriever out of my deep freeze to get your tails wagging. The first single to be released from 2003’s Phantom Power is about the relationship between the two dogs of Gruff’s girlfriend. Sound crazy? Yup. Cement those thoughts by watching the video, which sums up the essence of the band, i.e. completely brilliantly bonkers.

These patriotic lads are Welsh legends. And they’re on tour this winter, performing their first two albums Fuzzy Logic and Radiator in full and back-to-back. Their live performances and enthusiastic fans will have all old dogs panting for sure, so grab yourself a ticket and get ready to lick faces. But please, NO pooping on the floors, folks.

After some more tunes to fuel the kitchen dancefloor? No bother.


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Written by Vicky Lindsay Warburton

Vicky is reintegrating back into society as her children are now in school. She teaches mindfulness to teenagers, wears trainers and paddles through the nonsense of life.