Written by Yosra Osman


Has no one learned anything from the first three films?

As Jurassic World roars to the top of the box office charts, Yosra Osman finds it high on excitement, low on plot.

dinosaurs attack!In 1993 Steven Spielberg bestowed upon us mere mortals the rip-roaring dinosaur film that is Jurassic Park. It’s a classic and 22 years later (yes, really), Colin Trevorrow has had a bash at a sequel. I know what you’re all simply dying to hear – is it a roaring success?

Well, to be honest, who cares? The fact of the matter is these digital dinosaurs are trampling over the box office and will continue to do so no matter what anyone thinks. Merely looking at the trailer, Jurassic World wants to impress. It’s screaming, “WE HAVE TERRIFYING DINOSAURS THAT LOOK INCREDIBLE. LOOK AT THAT MOSASAURUS, IT’S EATING A SHARK!”– no doubt cheekily implying that Jurassic World eats up Jaws in its sheer monstrosity.

Monstrous it may be; the film is spectacular, largely due to those gigantic beasts. It’s a great popcorn flick. The story, however, isn’t quite as mighty. The script was passed from writer to writer (including Steven Spielberg) during a 10-year development nightmare and, unfortunately, the cracks, or rather plot holes, do show.

Basic plot synopsis: no one has learned anything from the last three films. Isla Nublar is a popular tourist hotspot, but people are bored of those ordinary old dinosaurs, so we need hybrid dinosaurs to perk up more interest. A genetically modified Indominus Rex is created and when he escapes and causes the other dinosaurs to run amok, it’s up to military man and all-round good guy Owen (Chris Pratt) to save clueless tourists from being eaten.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas HowardI love Chris Pratt: Parks and Recreation is one of my favourite comedies and he’s had huge success with Guardians of the Galaxy, so it’s great to see him in such a popular and box-office-smashing production. The character development in Jurassic World doesn’t help him much, but he tries his best. The same goes for Bryce Dallas Howard, who isn’t really given much to do other than play your typical female control-freak.

Despite weaknesses, you can’t fail to admit that the bashing and crashing CGI and special effects are impressive to behold. It’s just a shame that Jurassic World doesn’t hold the same smart script and magic of the first film. Nevertheless, it is a great action movie, which will definitely entertain. Even if I think Mad Max is the blockbuster to beat this year, those dinosaurs really come to life and it’s pretty impressive. Just ignore the plot holes.

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Written by Yosra Osman

Yosra Osman is a mid-twenties film fan and self-confessed daydreamer of dangerous proportions