Written by Eleanor Thom


Eleanor Thom: Goodbye

To celebrate National Poetry Day, rising star Eleanor Thom has penned Standard Issue a new poem. That’s right, just for us. And you, of course.

Goodbye drinks and goodbye thinks,

And goodbye kisses and goodbye winks.

Hopeful goodbyes as you walk to your dreams,

Confused goodbyes when it’s not as good as it seems.

Goodbye forever after too many tries,

Goodbye before they do ‘cos you think you’re wise.

It’s not you, it’s me goodbye-goodbyes

And it is you, you’re mad, goodbye-goodbye!


Why must it be goodbye-goodbyes,

And those on train platforms with tears in all eyes.

I just don’t love you goodbyes, but then life isn’t fair,

Goodbyes in a text, for perhaps they don’t care.

So this is it, goodbye dearest friend,

When something has happened that no one can mend.

Goodbye to what was, and what could have been,

Suppressed public goodbyes so you don’t cause a scene.


I’m going now because I don’t like goodbyes; but that’s just a goodbye in wolf’s clothing.

And those final goodbyes to the world, when you’re full of self-loathing.

Bursting goodbyes watching the curtains shut round you,

Or a kiss and a squeeze when words simply won’t do.

I’m glad I got the chance to say goodbye-goodbyes,

And you don’t deserve my goodbye, you and your lies.

Then there’s goodbye disguised as farewell,

But goodbye it still is, though neither will tell.


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Written by Eleanor Thom

Eleanor is a comedy writer/actor and founder of award-winning sketch group Lady Garden. She can often be seen performing as Bev: a vivacious, deluded blonde from Sheffield with dreams of becoming a full-time vocalist.