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The crime of the (last) century

Secrets, scenery and a sucker punch. Hannah Dunleavy talks Unforgotten episode four. Contains SPOILERS.

Not that kind of Republican: Marion (Rosie Cavaliero) and Tony (Nigel Lindsay) have things to talk about. Photo: ITV.

Sunny and Her

What makes our central detective duo so effective, both in terms of being watchable and in getting shit done, is that they are both exactly the same and totally different. Police dramas love a mismatched pairing: an old hand and a young idealist, a control freak and a slob, a hard-pressed mother and a girl about town.

Obviously, Sunny is an Indian man and Cassie a white woman, but to all extents and purposes, that’s all that separates them. They’re of an age, single, with kids. They both live modestly and they like a good murder.

Where they are different is best demonstrated in the scene where they learn that David Walker sexually abused a 12-year-old. Sunny’s all passion, Cassie all compassion. And while neither’s wrong, Jason’s outburst suggests that with all Cassie’s offering understanding, she maybe took her eye off the ball a bit. Which could end badly. What with this being telly.

Whether Jason’s likely to repeat a cycle of abuse, or if there is even one to repeat, is unknown. But either way, Bob left like a prick, taking his mute daughter with him. (Although, to be fair, as we all know, Jason is my prime suspect, so, maybe…)

The rogues’ gallery

Jesus, when will people learn: getting someone to “swear” they’ll never tell, never works. Things go from bad to worse for Sara, whose son (hardly surprisingly) overhears about his mother’s past and blabs like some sort of plot device. Still, it looked sort of less horrific at the end.

“Police dramas love a mismatched pairing: an old hand and a young idealist, a control freak and a slob, a hard-pressed mother and a girl about town.”

Both Sara and Marion seem to have a hidden trauma in their life that could put them in the frame but Marion continues to look like the woman most likely. Because Marion. Things took a turn for her professionally and personally this week, although she did have the good grace to have her crises among some gorgeous shots of London. Top marks for Rosie Cavaliero, who again deadpans Marion’s blackly funny attempt to get round her connection with the IRA, using the euphemism “Republican”.

Things also look bad for Colin and Simon, although mostly Colin, who might well be a really bad bastard, rather than just a stupid one. More news as it happens.

Other thoughts

Is it me, or does no one else care much about Zoe?

Everyone got to be disappointed in a parent this week. Didn’t all hit a woman did they, eh, Jason?

No ‘S’-bomb yet, but we’re in that territory. (Historic sexual abuse cases are too numerous in TV drama. Discuss.)

We have indeed, all forgotten to pick a kid up from school. Except with me it was my friend’s kids. Again, sorry.

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Written by Hannah Dunleavy

Hannah Dunleavy is the deputy editor of Standard Issue. She likes whisky and not having to run anywhere.