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The crime of the (last) century

Sex, lies and Tory fundraisers. Hannah Dunleavy talks Unforgotten episode three. Contains SPOILERS.

Sunny and Cassie

Always look on the Brighton side: DS Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and CDI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) take in some sea air. Photo: ITV.

Fancy meeting you here

“What”, I said to nobody in particular* about halfway through this third episode, “if they were all in it together?” (*Actually, since I was in alone, to nobody at all.)

Oh yes, it seemed everyone was acting so suspiciously this week and having flashbacks and being arsey in police interviews, that it had to be some kind of group endeavour. Like a team-building exercise gone terribly wrong. Which would, as these things always do in murder mysteries, lead to one wrong’un killing all the other wrong’uns because trust wasn’t their strong suit. My money’s on Marion. Because Marion.

Let’s start with her, because I love Rosie Cavaliero, especially since she managed to deliver that line about professionalism while smoking near a child with cancer without a hint of irony, and because Wendy Craig’s reaction to that answerphone message was so perfect, I thought someone had told the Queen to shit off.

While no one’s claiming any responsibility for even knowing Paul Walker, Colin and Sara have, to some degree, been a bit more forthcoming with their partners (who all started off very understanding, and, to some degree, waned in their support.) Not Marion though. Marion’s like a brick wall. A brick wall with “fuck the pigs” painted on it.

Cassie & Company continue to reveal more secrets than a Buzzfeed-published dossier. Our oncology nurse had links to the IRA and Colin’s in with Tory party fundraisers, via his bollock-respecting former bank boss, played by the reliably dubious (in a good way) Tony Gardner. (Which, I’m assuming means we’ll see more of him.)

So it’s still all to play for. The plot thickens indeed.

Except, of course…

…Jason did it. A couple of people got in touch with me last week to tell me how preposterous this idea was, missing the point that that is EXACTLY why it must be him. Did you not see last series? Anyway, this week Jason was claiming he couldn’t remember his dad at all. How convenient Jason, how convenient.

“The next time I’m in a multistorey car park, I’m driving to the top because, if TV is correct, I’ll see at least one family drama, one car chase and one drug deal up there.”

Meanwhile, his mum was sidelined for a week (save some relatively disastrous grief counselling with her new husband, which started off understanding and went downhill. Still, he remains the only parent in that house to directly communicate with the other child, so he’s not all bad.

And while we learned lots about the sad past of Walker when Sunny visited one of the victim’s old friends, it seems to me Sunny missed that he was talking as if they had been a couple, using expressions like “seeing each other” and “hooking up”.

Other questions

Why was Sunny so miffed about those socks? He’s got three kids, he’ll be putting on another load in about six minutes anyway, right?

Cassie’s dad might have confessed to trying to track down the man who had an affair with his wife, but he seemed to have a swagger that suggested he’d been playing “crazy golf” with someone.

The next time I’m in a multistorey car park, I’m driving to the top because, if TV is correct, I’ll see at least one family drama, one car chase and one drug deal up there.

Sunny’s got a date in Brighton. Who said men can’t multitask?

Marion’s husband took her sister’s suggestion she might be involved rather casually. I’m going to accuse my sister of murder and report back next week.

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Written by Hannah Dunleavy

Hannah Dunleavy is the deputy editor of Standard Issue. She likes whisky and not having to run anywhere.