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The crime of the (last) century

Anyone for hangman? Hannah Dunleavy talks episode two of Unforgotten. Contains SPOILERS.


“What do you mean, ‘exhumation’ doesn’t start with an ‘x’?”: CDI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DS Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) fill in the gaps. Photos: ITV.

“Very good work”

She’s a great boss, Cassie Stuart, isn’t she? A bit funny, a lot encouraging, like a good aunt. And – all bosses of the world pay attention – it gets rewards, with “very good work” from those sundry people whose name I will never learn unless they are later killed in the line of duty.

Sunny’s got some teenager problems at home – is he a single parent? – but nonetheless they manage to link both Colin in Brighton and Sara in Salisbury, to David Walker, through some horrific-looking parties from the 1980s (including the worst kind, the Tory party). Maybe even more impressive, they crack the hardest game of hangman ever, which leads me to think when they’ve cracked this case, ‘The Historics’ will go on to smash it in the missing vowels round of Only Connect.

Meanwhile, Cassie continues to be as unusual a TV detective as they come. When almost every other telly cop seems incapable of functioning in ordinary society, she’s daringly everyday. Even if she is using her work powers at home to check up on her dad.

Plus, she’s being controlled by Nicola Walker. Win.

“Would anything a man is capable of surprise you?”

Ooooh, Lorraine Ashbourne continues to be this series’ MVP, and that police interview was an absolute treat.

That said, I’m not sure I can see the wisdom of Tessa’s, sorry, DI Nixon’s choice to tell her son his dad was dead, in the street. But never mind, she took him to a cafe so he could soak up the news in private, oh wait…

“‘I was at a pitch and putt in Acton’ will now be my go-to alibi for anything.”

Jason’s taken the news badly and has a break from avoiding his neighbour* to rant at his sister. Or is she his stepsister? Or half-sister? Still, it was at least nice someone acknowledged she was in the room.

Jason remains my prime suspect, simply and purely because last series revealed the killer to be the person with the least means, motive and opportunity. But really, it was Jason, wasn’t it?

*Played by Call the Midwife‘s Bryony Hannah, who has so far had literally nothing to do.

Elsewhere in England

Marion had the least to do this week – save revealing some history of mental illness and a desire to have kids – and remains the only ‘suspect’ not yet linked to the case. I’m thinking she’s got ties to the house on the rail ticket.

Meanwhile, Sara’s past as a King’s Cross “tart” is revealed, something she’s mortified at the thought of anyone knowing.

Mark Bonnar as Colin

Shady figures in his past? Colin (Mark Bonnar).

Less mortified (when perhaps he should be more so) by his past is former banker Colin, who pukes at the first sign of trouble, runs away and spills the beans of his idiocy to his partner. Colin’s the least likeable of all the new characters so far, so he’s certainly somewhere close to prime suspect, and, like Tessa Nixon, he had a change in career which suggests the need to atone for something.

Nah, it was Jason.

Other thoughts

“I was at a pitch and putt in Acton” will now be my go-to alibi for anything.

What’s in Sunny’s rucksack, do you reckon?

No but really, why were they talking about that girl like she wasn’t there?

Catch up on what Hannah made of episode one here.


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Written by Hannah Dunleavy

Hannah Dunleavy is the deputy editor of Standard Issue. She likes whisky and not having to run anywhere.