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Recap: Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool live blog

Aside from the grand final – and the possibility of adding a glitterball to the mantlepiece – Blackpool week is the one all Strictly Come Dancing contestants aim for. Sarah Ledger has had her eye on live Blackpool blogging duties all series, and blogged the butt cheeks off it on Saturday night.

It might have been a bit on the chilly side for ice creams on the pier or donkey rides on the sand, but blustery Blackpool was perfectly placed to host a Strictly sequin fest on Saturday night as the final eight couples saddled up for the next round of dancefloor proceedings.

Following Jeremy Vine’s departure, the production had upped sticks, lock, stock and ballroom shoes for the annual Strictly field trip to the north west.

As usual, the Blackpool Tower Ballroom offered the backdrop, but for the first time, Standard Issue contributor, Sarah Ledger was live blogging every excitable moment.

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Written by Standard Issue