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7 Wonders: Twayna Mayne

Every other Friday, we’ll feature a carefully selected, seven-song Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. Here, comedian Twayna Mayne rewinds the Standard Issue mixtape. With a biro.

music-cassette-429264I’ve been a big fan of music most of my life. I remember enjoying it way before I got into it seriously (recording songs off the radio) when I was nine.

I have a day job where I can do other things while I work. If I’m not listening to podcasts or watching telly on my phone (I think we’re allowed to do that) I can listen to up to seven and a half hours of music a day. That doesn’t include all the time I spend commuting.

It wasn’t easy picking seven songs but I thought I’d go with the ones I’d play if I was asked to go on Desert Island Discs tomorrow. Those familiar with that show will know you’re allowed to choose eight songs. One song I would have picked isn’t on Spotify so I’m going to quickly mention Eg & Alice Doesn’t Mean That Much to Me.

Chaka Khan Stronger Than Before

This is from the first album I owned on my own, a birthday present from my older brothers. I had asked for I Feel for You, not knowing it was the name of the album as well as the single. It’s one of my most listened-to songs ever, a fantastic piece of pop soul. It’s just bass guitar, synthesisers and drum machines with Chaka Khan singing lead and backing vocals on a Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager written song.

chaka2I took the album away on a school journey to Wales and only had one set of batteries in my Walkman to last the trip. I listened to this song again and again and after each listen I took the tape out and wound the song back with a biro.

Michael Jackson Human Nature

Thriller was THE album of the 80s and one of the most played in our house. This isn’t the best song on the album but, to me, represents Michael Jackson in his prime. It’s before Bubbles came on the scene and before the abuse allegations. He sounds happy.

It also reminds me of being nine years old and the day I found a two pence piece down the back of the sofa. The sweet shop over the hill sold two fizzy cola bottles for a penny or one for half a pence. With two pence I was rich and bought enough sweets for me and my brothers to have one each. I didn’t share them though; I just produced them at random moments throughout the day and ate them in front of them.

Madonna Papa Don’t Preach

In secondary school I got a lot of stick for liking Madonna, but she had some really good songs so I put up with it. I always thought she looked good in the video, strutting around New York in her Italians Do It Better T-shirt like she owned the place.

Prince When Doves Cry

Prince has written some of my favourite love songs but I like this one because it’s a bit of social commentary. Here he mentions AIDS and crack [er, that’s actually Sign o’ the Times but both songs are ace – Pedantic Ed] but when this song came out it all went over my head, but I do remember dancing to it at my junior school disco.

Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy

Big song and big album from when I was in sixth form. I was well on the way to failing my GCSEs for the second time but at least I was doing it to lots of really good music. The first time I went to America on my own, I saw them in concert. It was the original line up with Nicolette replacing Shara Nelson on vocals.

new edition candy girlNew Edition – Candy Girl

The first record I bought and all paid for with my own money. I bought it from the record department in my local WHSmith. I think it cost £1.73.

Stevie Wonder Rocket Love

For years I thought Stevie Wonder was just the stuff he put out with Motown as a child and the singles I Just Called to Say I Love You and Happy Birthday. Hotter than July is the first of his albums I bought – then I worked my way backwards. This song reminds me of the week I spent in Tokyo on my way home from Australia in early 2006. I was on my own and spent most of the time struggling to work out Japanese street signs and which way the map needed to be.

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Written by Twayna Mayne

I like music, swearing and biscuits. Media underling by day, fledgling stand-up comedian by night. @twaynamayne