Written by Kirsten O'Brien


7 Wonders: Music to have flu to

Has that bug circulating the office got you yet? If so, comedian and 90s indie kid Kirsten O’Brien is here to help.

ill-298908_1280The weather’s changing its mind more times than Louis Walsh in a deadlock situation and everyone’s going down with some variation on a flu theme. Time to wop your banana onesie on (just me?) and cosy up with the perfect playlist to see you through your winter cold.

The Cure – Lullaby 

What’s that? A duvet day you say? Melancholic but still jaunty enough to sing along to, this tune’s the confused beginnings of what is about to take hold.

The band’s most successful UK single, the 1989 music video sees Robert Smith take to bed in full makeup in a house that looks like it needs a ruddy good clean; what further validation do you need for doing the same? Not one for arachnophobes.

The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

You’re powering down, you’re losing focus and energy, so why not get lost in the wooh woohs while you still can.

This 1968 hit from Beggars Banquet is a first-person narrative from the point of view of Lucifer and you’ll feel like the devil himself is visiting you right now. Jagger took inspiration from a book given to him by Marianne Faithful. Why not tap one of your friends to bring you some reading material round. And cake. Bring cake.

New Order – Fine Time

You’re rallying, you think you might be over it, but it’s a brutal trick. If you attempt to dance to this you’ll soon discover your legs have all the rigidity of a pipe cleaner. From 1989 masterpiece Technique, legend has it the title of this song came after the drummer’s car had been towed away and he wrote ‘fine time’ on a piece of paper. Why not write yourself a list of things you need to do having been in your sickbed for a while. Or draw an accurate representation of what George Clooney might look like in speedos.

The Smiths – I Know It’s Over
You’re in the epicentre of the illness and can no longer remember what wellness ever felt like, so wallowing is your only option. Groan along with Morrissey while wedging clumps of toilet paper up your nose. Taken from 1986’s The Queen Is Dead, which was voted Best Album of All Time last year by NME readers, in your current state it’ll strike you as odd that this track doesn’t feature more at funerals.

The Stone Roses – Made of Stone

You’ve plateaued, you’re in a floaty no man’s land, drift off in a Nurofen-induced nap to this. If you decide to sing along, the good news is you can sound no worse than Ian Brown singing live. Apparently, this is about making a wish and watching it happen. You’ll find yourself wishing your taste buds back at this stage.

The Source feat Candi Staton – You Got The Love
You’ve turned a huge corner, you’ve started craving a bag of Skips again, you’re almost back. A remix that emerged in 1991, this is a rousing tune for the final push to full strength. Don’t let the fact that it was originally released for a video-only documentary about a fat man trying to lose weight ruin your recovery.

The Soup Dragons – I’m Free

This uptempo 1990 number is a cover of the Rolling Stones song, with added reggae. From a band who took their name from a kids’ TV show – you’ve now watched so much kids’ telly, you’ve formed a band in your mind called Mr Tumble and the Show Me Show Mes. But joy of joys, you are back in the room – you can hear again, taste again, go to the toilet without fear again, so celebrate by screeching out this as much as your wounded throat will let you.

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Written by Kirsten O'Brien

Kirsten O'Brien is a broadcaster who started life in the tiniest of telly gigs - the CBBC broom cupboard, sharing the teeny space with a puppet aardvark. Since then she has jobbed her way round telly, radio and theatre doing everything from learning to be a lumberjack to the traffic and travel in The Flying Eye and pantomime with Brian Blessed. Her one woman stand up show "Confessions of a TV Presenter" sold out Edinburgh 2007 and Kirsten still gigs occasionally but can currently be heard on the Heart Wiltshire breakfast show. @tvskirsten