7 Wonders: Here comes the sun

The weekend is bringing the nice weather with it, so Vicky Lindsay Warburton‘s made us a scorcher of a playlist.

sunglasses on grassThe burning ball in the sky is back! For how long, who knows? This playlist champions a long-forgotten friend THE SUN. Sunbathers, this is YOUR TIME.

Anyone remember attempting an all-over tan? Do 45 minutes on your front (Hawaiian Oil factor 8!). Do not move. Then 45 minutes on your back (Hawaiian oil factor 8!). Do not move. Then 20 minutes each side in the ‘running position’. Eh, what?

Me (ginger) and best mate (blonde) lived and burned by this rule in our teens. EVERY YEAR. These days, I’ll be in a shorter legging and one fewer cardigan. Welcome back sunshine.

Super Furry Animals – Hello Sunshine

A summer anthem. FACT. A gift from our beautiful friends from Welsh Wales, famed for performances in boiler suits/animal costumes and a MASSIVE helmet. Heralding from the Phantom Power album (2003), Gruff Rhys croons this singalong summer tune to devoted fans who belt it back at gigs.

The original opening of the track samples Wendy and Bonnie’s 1969 song By the Sea before Gruff finds our ears. Easy vibes emanate to sway and swig too. All together now: “I’m a minger / You’re a minger too.” Summer Magic.

SFA cold-shouldered the Coca-Cola big boys when they wafted a seven-figure sum towards them. Applause all round as they screamed integrity and stated they were happy just making a living from their songs.

Norah Jones – Sunrise

I love this song. Jonesy has a voice that feels like the sun. Close your eyes, you’ll be happy from the inside. I’m swatting away any too-cool-for-school naysayers – I’m championing this multi-instrumentalist, actress and songwriter, plus her name’s back in fashion again. Sunrise is taken from the multi-platinum Feels Like Home, the second album from this Grammy-grabbing gal.

The daughter of Ravi Shankar (Indian sitar legend and huge influence on George Harrison), music streams through her soul. She will certainly lighten yours.

Another Sunny Day was made to skip around the streets to in your sandals. Keep moving and forget about your manky winter feet.”

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Grinding yet? This track will conjure up slow rhythmic moves while you float around poolside, bikini- and shade-clad, sipping a Manhattan. Or just head bobbing in the backyard sipping a can of ‘craft ale’. Whatever, this track IS SUMMER in the medium of music.

It’s been sampled to death by the hip-hop field including Dr Dre, Mary J Blige and a whole posse of other laid-back cool cats. A 1976 classic on Polydor Records, released by Ayers under the RA Ubiquity umbrella. Lie back and relax.

Belle and Sebastian – Another Sunny Day

A fittingly jaunty ditty from this expertly aged Scotch export. Belle and Sebastian are Arab Strap high in record output, with nine studio albums out there. Headlining the Green Man Festival this year, they are sure to pull in a crowd, but the sun will be well down by the time these headliners hold court.

Murdoch’s ingenious lyrical content always surprises, his songs are crafted like no one else; listen out for his “herbaceous border”. Another Sunny Day was made to skip around the streets to in your sandals. Keep moving and forget about your manky winter feet.

The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun

Released in 1969, this opens the second side on the iconic Abbey Road. A Beatles gem belonging to George Harrison, he wrote Here Comes the Sun about his hope for the return of spring and relief at exiting stifling corporate bullshit, while in his mate’s garden skiving off from Beatles business meetings.

Anyone want to run away today? Come round, I’m ready for you. Ingenious and boundary-pushing, Harrison introduced the Moog synthesiser to the group’s sound, as well as bringing his interest in Indian classical music (a second nod to Mr Shankar in this 7 Wonders). Oh, and his mate was Eric Clapton!

Masters At Work remix – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun featuring Jocelyn Brown

Originally recorded in 1971 by Rotary Connection (70s psychedelic soul brothers and sisters) with Minnie Ripperton, on the Hey Love album this was, in its own right, GOLD. Decades on, it still shimmers and was refracted by those Masters At Work boys on NuYorican Soul (1997) who fettled and tweaked the rays as only they can, producing this summertime classic.

Talkin’ Loud records certainly shone a light in our pasty faces with this ray of sunshine, no matter what time of night it was dropped on the dance floor. For anyone searching for more, there’s also a stonking remix by 4Hero.

Sun Kil Moon – Ben’s My Friend

Pointed in the direction of Mark Kozelek at a festival, a knowledgeable friend introduced me to this complex character with a distinctive voice and delivery. I was hooked. The ex-Red House Painter turned Sun Kil Moon gave the world Benji as a sixth studio album.

From a troubled soul, this masterpiece of emotion charts true stories from Kozelek’s life and as his listener you are along for the turbulent ride. An album journey that brought me to tears – but finishes on a high, with a bit of brass. Which I offer to you now. It ends as abruptly as this sunny spell will, so hurry up and enjoy. “Blue crab cake, anyone?”


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Written by Vicky Lindsay Warburton

Vicky is reintegrating back into society as her children are now in school. She teaches mindfulness to teenagers, wears trainers and paddles through the nonsense of life.