Which TV programme would you choose to be trapped in forever?
Sophie Scott
The Adventures of Abney & Teal. I’d like to spend eternity with an animated turnip.
Nadia Kamil
CLEARLY GBBO. Never-ending summer in a lovely British garden, with Mel & Sue. And obviously all the cakes & bread hats and that.
Julia Raeside
Lovejoy – no question. Tinker, Eric and Lady Jane, antiques, East Anglian countryside, that confident mullet and leather jacket combo. It’s actually perfect.
Julie Balloo
Rachel Extance
Lord Peter Wimsey. The perfect gentleman: charming, intelligent, fun. He gets to drive wonderful cars and can travel anywhere he likes, whenever he likes.
Sarah Ledger
I dream Friends is real and I’m one of them: firing off perfect one-liners & meeting for coffee in Central Perk. Sad, I know.
Hazel Davis
30 Rock.
Jen Brown
Only Fools and Horses. I’ve been in love with Del Boy for years.
Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Jam and Jerusalem – surrounded by idyllic pubs, funny women and scones.
Jen Offord
My So-Called Life, to legitimise my 20 year run of teenage angst. And accompanying crush on Jordan Catalano.
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    Banning buggies is one thing, says Jess Fostekew, there ought to be places for people to go and not be surrounded by kids. But don’t tell folk they’re still welcome when they quite obviously aren’t.