Which TV programme would you choose to be trapped in forever?
Jane Hill
Broadchurch. As long was there wasn’t any murdering, because it’s a beautiful place with a nice beach.
Sarah Ledger
I dream Friends is real and I’m one of them: firing off perfect one-liners & meeting for coffee in Central Perk. Sad, I know.
Claire Goodwin
Bitsa. Surrounded by strings and things and Bitsa glue. I could do whatever I wanted to do. .
Jen Brown
Only Fools and Horses. I’ve been in love with Del Boy for years.
Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch
Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’d work at the bar.
Sally-Anne Hayward
E.R. Just me and George.
Jen Offord
My So-Called Life, to legitimise my 20 year run of teenage angst. And accompanying crush on Jordan Catalano.
Rachel Extance
Lord Peter Wimsey. The perfect gentleman: charming, intelligent, fun. He gets to drive wonderful cars and can travel anywhere he likes, whenever he likes.
Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Jam and Jerusalem – surrounded by idyllic pubs, funny women and scones.
Sam Wonfor
The West Wing. My pedometer wouldn’t know what had hit it.
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