Which TV programme would you choose to be trapped in forever?
Julia Raeside
Lovejoy – no question. Tinker, Eric and Lady Jane, antiques, East Anglian countryside, that confident mullet and leather jacket combo. It’s actually perfect.
Gabby Hutchinson-Crouch
Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’d work at the bar.
Rose Biggin
Last of the Summer Wine. Wander round the countryside all day, push my friends downhill in a homemade go-kart, home for tea & scones.
Rachel Extance
Lord Peter Wimsey. The perfect gentleman: charming, intelligent, fun. He gets to drive wonderful cars and can travel anywhere he likes, whenever he likes.
Claire Goodwin
Bitsa. Surrounded by strings and things and Bitsa glue. I could do whatever I wanted to do. .
Hannah Dunleavy
King of the Hill. Hank and I could just mow lawns together and never have to talk about our feelings or bodily functions.
Sarah Millican
Glee. I can’t sing or dance but they’d have to let me put the chairs out or something.
Sam Wonfor
The West Wing. My pedometer wouldn’t know what had hit it.
Emma Mitchell
Nigellissima. I feel as though life would be a little better if she made me a plate of pasta and a nice big cake.
Nadia Kamil
CLEARLY GBBO. Never-ending summer in a lovely British garden, with Mel & Sue. And obviously all the cakes & bread hats and that.
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