Which TV programme would you choose to be trapped in forever?
Rachel Extance
Lord Peter Wimsey. The perfect gentleman: charming, intelligent, fun. He gets to drive wonderful cars and can travel anywhere he likes, whenever he likes.
Julia Raeside
Lovejoy – no question. Tinker, Eric and Lady Jane, antiques, East Anglian countryside, that confident mullet and leather jacket combo. It’s actually perfect.
Sally-Anne Hayward
E.R. Just me and George.
Daisy Leverington
The X-Files. Spending forever in a Mulder/Scully sandwich and wearing a flasher mac sounds ace.
Hazel Davis
30 Rock.
Rebecca Humphries
Ru Paul’s Drag Race.
Cal Wilson
Antiques Roadshow. I’d just be bringing any old rubbish in: “I got this net off my oranges, is it worth anything?”
Sophie Scott
The Adventures of Abney & Teal. I’d like to spend eternity with an animated turnip.
Jane Hill
Broadchurch. As long was there wasn’t any murdering, because it’s a beautiful place with a nice beach.
Julie Balloo
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