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When her mobile went for a Burton, Sally Coffey decided to embrace time without her handheld device. For a while, anyway…

Phoneless or phonefree?

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Ah, the world wide web: a source of joy and dicksplashery in equal measure. But so much good stuff gets lost down the back of the virtual sofa. This week, Jen Offord loses her lady boner, is stunned into silence by Boris and shares some wet baby sloths.

Back of the (inter)net!

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What the fuck just happened? First Presidential Debate

Which TV programme would you choose to be trapped in forever?
Nadia Kamil
CLEARLY GBBO. Never-ending summer in a lovely British garden, with Mel & Sue. And obviously all the cakes & bread hats and that.
Sophie Scott
The Adventures of Abney & Teal. I’d like to spend eternity with an animated turnip.
Julia Raeside
Lovejoy – no question. Tinker, Eric and Lady Jane, antiques, East Anglian countryside, that confident mullet and leather jacket combo. It’s actually perfect.
Daisy Leverington
The X-Files. Spending forever in a Mulder/Scully sandwich and wearing a flasher mac sounds ace.
Julie Balloo
Rose Biggin
Last of the Summer Wine. Wander round the countryside all day, push my friends downhill in a homemade go-kart, home for tea & scones.
Emma Mitchell
Nigellissima. I feel as though life would be a little better if she made me a plate of pasta and a nice big cake.
Jen Offord
My So-Called Life, to legitimise my 20 year run of teenage angst. And accompanying crush on Jordan Catalano.
Jen Brown
Only Fools and Horses. I’ve been in love with Del Boy for years.
Rachel Extance
Lord Peter Wimsey. The perfect gentleman: charming, intelligent, fun. He gets to drive wonderful cars and can travel anywhere he likes, whenever he likes.
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    A Month in The Countryside

    It’s September in Rutland and Helen Walmsley-Johnson’s counting sheep. In more ways than one.
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    A higher estate

    You’re not supposed to want to live in social housing but Jess Macdonald is proud to be a council tenant.
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    QOTM: What does your workstation look like?

    A person’s workstation can be quite revealing. Our faithful contributors closed all incriminating tabs and shared theirs for your pleasure.
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    Madame Ovary

    Today is World Contraception Day. Though education for young women and teens is necessary and laudable, we shouldn’t forget that older women still need to access contraception, says British Pregnancy Advisory Service’s Katherine O’Brien.
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    Replay: Strictly Come Dancing Live Blog: Week #1

    Haberdashery shops the UK over are running low on sequins which can mean only one thing. Strictly Come Dancing is back. Dotty Winters was twirling with delight at the prospect so we channelled her happiness into live blogging ever step from week one.
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    The Sunday Quiz

    Tomorrow is European Day of Languages. How much do you know about what our continental neighbours are saying?
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